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    tmf viewer

    I'm new bear with me please. I'm trying to use the tmf viewer to look at the elevations at my airport. I have the Dir and File number for the location but don't know how to input them? When I open the viewer and click File I'm supposed to navigate to the file to open instead of inputting the...
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    Can't seem to add one?
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    Is it possible to find and trace lowest elevations in the terrain to route a river? I'm working on a stock airport I'm familiar with that has a nearby river. I've used a Google Earth aerial image to route it but it doesn't match the terrain. I don't care if the river is placed exactly where the...
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    Apron Taxi markings

    I use only center lines for taxi into parking spots. Yet some of those center lines show in the sim and some don't. As you can see, there are no curving center lines in the foreground but one in the back ground circled On that subject what's the difference between "draw surface" and "draw...
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    Connecting ADE to FSX?

    It had been over year since I flew with FSX-Steam Edition. And when I tried again there were all sorts of control issues and crashes. So I unstalled the Steam Edition according to the instructions and reinstalled. Worked just fine. The problem is I also used Scruffy Duck's Aiport Design Editor...
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    FSX Building won't display

    I remember on my first airport project I removed a stock building on the apron and replaced it with another which wouldn't display but I don't remember the solution? Had something to with excludes. Likewise the small airport I am now working on has a very wide flattened grass skirting around...
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    Ghost Objects

    What to do with vehicle objects that do not show up in the ADE stock airport but are parked in the middle of the runway in the simulator?
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    A puzzle

    Here's a head scratcher. Not a problem I need solving but I thought it might be of interest. There is a specific small mountain top airport (2NC0) in North Carolina that is nothing more than a single landing strip in FSX. I've been there myself and I thought I would use Scruffy Duck's Airport...
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    FSX Sim crashes....video?

    As I recall from some time ago there was a way to allocate(?) video memory(?) to assure that the video card would be able to keep up with the sim to prevent crashing. Forgive me... I'm no techie so that's the best I can do to describe what I think might be causing my problem. Back then I used...
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    Delete airport

    I've found a mountain top airport (2NCO) in North Carolina, US that isn't in the ADE stock airports list. I've been there and it's quite a unique golf course/community and all that's there in FSX is a flat runway surrounded by grass I would like to build the actual airport using a Goggle Earth...
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    KML Question

    So I managed to to open a kml file as text and modified it. How do I convert ir back to a kml file? Obviously I'm new to this.
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    FSX Steam Edition Boats Question

    Okay I'm back at it.....that is trying to get my boat moving.. Note that I've posted my problem here several times and many have tried to help me. It is greatly appreciated. There are many experts here who are kind enough to help us novices. Can't say enough about them. Anyway to summarize. I...
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    My boat won't move....

    what would be the most likely reasons? AC#2,15,"sailboat_big_u_sm" AC#2,sail_big,10%,2Hr,06:00:00,00:40:57,1000,normal,ferry,07:00:00,01:40:57,1000,reverse,ferry Boat is in place offshore precisely placed on the first coordinates of the one way ~ 12 mile route.
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    More Boat Traffic help please....

    I don't know how you guys put up with me, but... I have a Google Earth Route (.kml) of approximately 45 miles that leaves a dock,loops and returns to the starting point. At 25 knots that would take somewhere around 2 hours which is ample time to repeat the trip 4 hours later. I am not...
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    Connecting FSXGET > FSX > Google Earth

    Having trouble connecting to GE. FSXGET does connect to FSX though. I found this by jvile in a thread from years ago. I was hoping he was here today, but maybe someone else can answer. 1. open FSXGET; 2. click FSXGET icon on taskbar (bottom right), select Run FSX and wait for connexion; 3...
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    FSX Suggestions please

    I'm working on a coastal city airport hoping to have AI Boat traffic exiting and entering a nearby inlet and returning by way of the intracoastal waterway to it's inland dock. Trying for as much realism as possible I used Google Earth images to route the inland waterway, as well as the existing...
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    Yet another question about Boat Traffic

    What is the procedure for reconciling a Google Earth ship route with the FSX terrain? I have modified a coastal airport in ADE to conform to GE aerial views. Specifically, for the intracoastal waterway. I know for a fact there are differences between FX and GE. I would like to have traffic...
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    AI Boat Traffic Question

    My first attempt at AI boats..... Following the excellent instructions by Doug Linn/RTMM found in "AI Boat Traffic for Dummies", I created a simple route with BOAT, PLANS and ROUTE text files. This is the PLANS text file.... AC#1,Yacht,10%,3hr,02:10:30,00:00:00,1000 ("1000" being the Google...
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    Brand new to AI...one question

    Where do you get the boats?
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    FSX I can't do water...need help

    This is a screenshot of my river poly and my shoreline This is the view in the sim What am I doing wrong????