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    FSX:SE FSX/FS2004 8.33 khz Radio Gauge (for online flying)

    Hello I'm looking for a developer to assist me in creating an 8.33 radio gauge, I fly using the IVAO network, and while you can use the software to change to the 8.33khz Frequency, the aircraft radio remains in the 25khz steps as soon as you try to change, allthough the 8.33 Frequency is...
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    FS2004 Airbus EC725

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    FS2004 I can't get off the ground!

    Hello all. I have a helicopter in FS2004, that has a peculiar problem. When there is any sort of wind, the engine won't start. This baffles me, but do you have any idea what value this may be caused by?
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    FS2004 Helicopter Swaying from side to side!

    Hello all. I'm trying to correct an over control of the Yaw axis on the Virtavia Seaking when flying using Helicopter autopilot, in particular when intercepting a localiser, the aircraft yaws 30 degrees and continues swinging at that rate building up momentum until control is lost and I have to...
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    FS2004 What is this! 😃

    Ahh, thats a shame! Would have been great. Unfortunately can't seem to track down the authors.
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    FS2004 What is this! 😃

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://bib.irb.hr/datoteka/319288.MiljkovicD_Advisory_System_automatizacija_u_prometu_2007.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiPouKR4bnwAhWe_rsIHWM8DwMQFjACegQIBBAC&usg=AOvVaw02JnJe5fAA1omULo2z9rou Just found the above link, does anyone know if this system was...
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    FS2004 Airbus EC725

    Fantastic news, thanks! Really looking forward to this one, love the Super Puma!
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    FS2004 Bell 407 V2.0

    Hello! Just been following the story of the birth of this beautiful helicopter! Did it ever become available for the good ol FS9? Would love to operate it! 🙂 Have a lovely afternoon. H.J.
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    FS2004 Heli Auto Pilot Control Vibrations

    Hello. I have been attempting to install a Helicopter autopilot gauge into the Heiko Ritcher EC135 for FS2004. The gauge is EC225ACFP.Gau (not sure of the author as the readme doesn't give a name). This works flawlessly until the EC135 hits 120 knots. Above this speed range the aircraft begins...
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    FS2004 Airbus EC725

    Many thanks, please let me know if there's anything I can help with.
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    FS2004 Airbus EC725

    Airbus have bidded for the UK SAR Contract, they may choose to use the Super Puma, will be amazing to have a detailed one in case they do! Especially being FS9 the sim I use...
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    FS2004 "Simple" Gauge project for engine alarm.

    Looking for a designer to make a gauge that gives an aural warning if the engine quits mid flight, and possibly a gauge stating "bingo bingo" at low fuel and "T6 NL" on engine failure or exhaustion of fuel. I have a WAV recording of the Hawk jet (what I'd fit it to) doing the T6 N Out just need...
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    Sikorsky S92 (FS9/FSX)

    ICARO Produced one sir! Possibly the best add-on I have for FS9! fSX version also available!
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    Sikorsky S92 (FS9/FSX)

    I thought I'd mention, even though this post is old now. That a new S-92 was recently released for FS2004. Including modeled Cabin and VC. It's available on flightsim.com. Your dreams have finally come true!
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    Cross platform developer for search and rescue VA wanted!

    Hello. Looking for a developer to join my IVAO SOG "VSARUK" providing virtual SAR services. This will be a voluntary role but each year we will split any donations received between all members of the SOG equally. Roles will include the development of programs/gauges/tools to assist in flying...
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    FS2004 Scenproc uses PC's storage and then crashes.

    Hello, I've been trying to get scenproc to convert a file I have, (.osm) but it seems to use all of my computer SSD storage, (despite the file being read from a flash drive) It seems to load the file, with the "progress" green bar moving back and forth until my PC gets a black screen and I have...
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    Evektor Eurostar

    Hello @bpahe I'm looking for your EV97 after reading this thread. Can find many repoaints on Avsim. But sadly not the original aircraft. Any ideas if its anywhere else? Thanks
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    FS2004 AI Aircraft issues

    Must have tweaked something else without noticing then, anyhow I won't touch Anything else now it's all up and ready to go, also works in FSX! 😀
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    FS2004 FSET water Tiles

    Hello, Just wonderingz, I have created some scenery using FSET, but the water tiles appear white just offshore. I'm not too bothered about having landable water, Although it would be nice. Just want it to look like water, any idea how I can mass replace these tiles without sorting through and...
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    FS2004 AI Aircraft issues

    Just an update, I managed to resolve this issue by widening taxiways I had set to 0ft in width!