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  1. darrenvox

    just a reminder,

    when you are posting in the "showroom" so please remember to make sure you put a flight sim prefix to the title of the post, the prefix allows you to show what sim version you are making the aircraft/scenery for... without it, you would get 1,000's of responses of "what sim is this for?". if you...
  2. darrenvox

    FS2004 Photos needed of CYVO

    does anyone live near Val D'or québéc have acces to a camera or even a way to get pics of the current Val D'or airport from either the airside or the car side...someone is looking to get another person to do some scenery for fs2004 but needs some photos, you don't have to be a full fledged...
  3. darrenvox

    FS2004 Creating .air files from .mdl

    which I'm sure I've seen some tutotrials before of the ways to create or convert .mdl to to .air but with my searches I cannot find them I've looked far and wide and even our site and cannot figure out how to do it, I know you've seen this a lot and would like to put this issue to bed, so how...
  4. darrenvox

    FS2004 what program to use for creating landclass

    i want to do a simple landclass for fs9 like for the immediate area around the land part of YVR like hotels and stuff.. for now at least for me because ive been there i want to do this hotel http://tinyurl.com/gmhzzea what program can ui use to create or start this or model this...for now and...
  5. darrenvox

    FS2004 where to ask aout requesting a scenery buld

    i have a guy working on CYKF but he has it where i have to transfer textures each season. dont really like this and would like to see someone doing this as a scenery. where do i post requests??
  6. darrenvox

    FS2004 know how to add them but dont know what they are

    i could add these navaid type things in either afcad or ade9 which i have knowledge how to add them but im confused on what they are...are they ndb's? vor's? or sid's?? go to http://www.ivao.ca/charts/CAP4/CYXU.pdf#page=1&zoom=auto,-77,576 and scroll down to be on the runway 33 page are a bunch...
  7. darrenvox

    was it here

    a while ago someone here or on another forum was creating a G159 guflstream 1 turboprop and i cant find who started it anywhere...if this is the wrong post or forum i aplogize anyone??
  8. darrenvox

    FS2004 there must be a better way to add scenery library stuff

    time and time againgafter making tireless tries to add the scenery bgl and the images together all in one go....i keep asking myself when is there ever going to be a simpler way to do this,,, are there any lists out there that show which bgl goes with which image file?? im creating a few...
  9. darrenvox

    FS2004 GEK (Gaines Creek) AK i started on, need some help

    After watching some vids on youtube about the carvair coming into GEK and doing cargo runs and thought id actually start on that but am nowhere near being anthing crating scenery so i created a *.bgl file and wanted to share with you so you can try maing it realistic Youtube username for vid...
  10. darrenvox

    ade as a converter? ???

    I asked this a few years ago, and didnt get anywhere so I was curious if I could bring in an fs2002 scenergy bgl and save it as a fs2004 scenery bgl.... Is this possible...does it actually work or is anyone working on creating this....?
  11. darrenvox

    moving a water runway

    i have downloaded CPS1 which is a water runway near parry sound and the fact that it needs UT is a bit of an afterstatemt. I would like to move the whole airport and water runways a bit so that when you taxi out to these water runways you dont have to taxi over some land, or if there was some...
  12. darrenvox

    still need help with a floatplane base

    After visiting the small town of parry sound last summer i was enchated by hearing the sounds of small aircraft landing at a small floatplane base, and after i got home i wanted to see if i could create the scenery or see if anyone had one already created. I downloaded the one i have now and...
  13. darrenvox

    moving a whole airport..

    not sure if i have put this in the right spot here but ive been asking around for someone to help me here. The scenery for CPS1 requires Ultimate terrain. Ultimate Terrain for AK and CAN is like 700MB which would fit on my computer but downloading it would slow my internet speed to almost a...
  14. darrenvox

    converting scenery?

    i have seen a couple of scenery files that are for FS2002 (which i still have..) anyways i was wondering how i can or ifi can convert that file into fs2004... can it be done??
  15. darrenvox

    FS2004 going around in circles

    ah this is exhausting. I created my own little tiny airport meant to be placed in the middle of nowhere as a dirt strip etc...etc.. now everything seems to be fine but when i compile (i just downloaded the BGLcomp). But when i try to compile it and make it ready for FS9 it gives me this...