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    P3D v5 Avars vs Simvars

    Could someone please explain a bit on how SimConnect variables (SimVars) relate to Avars. For example, there is an Avar (A:GPS DRIVES NAV1, bool) and a SimConnect variable GPS DRIVES NAV1. Is the SimVar in this case just the Avar accessed through SimConnect? Does SimConnect maintain a 'copy'...
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    MSFS Where are the tool tips?

    I have been trying to find the file(s) that hold the actual text of the tool tips associated with the default MSFS aircraft. Would someone please provide a brief overview on what kind of files these are (XML? ), where the files are usually located, and how they are associated with a particular...
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    P3D v4 Flight Director Pitch Sync

    How can I detect that (K:SYNC_FLIGHT_DIRECTOR_PITCH) has been invoked? I can't seem to identify an associated Avar. Thanks, Al
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    I am trying to understand the relationship between (A:AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR, feet) and (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH). Am I correct that (A:AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR, feet) is the Avar that represents the result of the event (>K:AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH)? And if so, the code (A:AUTOPILOT...
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    P3D v4 XML Coding Question

    I ran across a code block with the structure below. The first if statement strikes me as odd. While I guess the code works as intended, is there some advantage that makes using the first if statement a better choice than a simple and statement like (A:ELECTRICAL MAIN BUS VOLTAGE,Volts) 3.0 &gt...
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    P3D v4 2D Popup Window Background

    I have a 2D popup window that displays a little text , such as Mode=2. For convenience I've managed to size and position the window so it overlays the P3D menu bar as shown below. I would like the background of the 2D window to be clear or transparent rather than black, or if that is not...
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    P3D v4 XML Coding Mystery

    As part of my autopilot control coding, the two code blocks below are used to turn the autopilot BC hold function on and off. To prevent flooding, the next to last line in the first block checks the value of (A:AUTOPILOT BACKCOURSE HOLD, bool) before turning on the BC hold function. But doing...
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    P3D v4 Flight Director Activation

    As best as I can determine, activating any of the default AP modes like Heading Hold, Altitude Hold, Attitude Hold, Nav, Approach, etc also forces the Flight Director to be on/active even if he AP itself is off. And when one of the AP modes is selected, there does not seem to be a way to turn...
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    Vertical Speed vs Altitude Hold Question

    My understanding is that to climb or descend to a preset altitude at a fixed vertical speed you need to set the VS with K:AP_VS_VAR_SET_ENGLISH and then activate K:AP_ALT_HOLD_ON. But activating K:AP_ALT_HOLD_ON is also used to capture the current altitude. Seems like a contradiction to me, so...
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    Creating a String Variable

    Is it possible to create and use a Lvar string variable like (L:Str_Var,string) in a formatted text element like so: <Element> <Visible>(L:display_text, bool)</Visible> <Element> <Position X="265" Y="125"/> <FormattedText X="84" Y="26" Length="4" Bright="Yes" FontSize="26"...
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    XML Syntax Question

    In looking at some existing code, apparently the and operation in the code line below is not required. Why is that? I would think you would need to and the result of the string compare with the value of the Lvar, but it seems to work either way. Thx, Al (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmp 0 ==...
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    Settable Avars and XMLTools C:SIMVARS

    A 2D gauge that uses settable Avars (e.g., Fuel Tank Right Main Quantity, Payload Station Weight, etc) works with one aircraft, but not another. It seems the same Avars that are directly settable with the first a/c are not with the 2nd a/c for some reason. If I use the XMLTOOLS C:SIMVARS...
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    FSX MAGVAR Variables

    Of the two magvar variables, (A: MAGVAR, degrees) and (A:GPS MAGVAR, radians) is there a reason to use one over the other besides the units difference? I've done some searching here, and it seems (A:GPS MAGVAR, radians) is the preferred variable. If that is so, why? Thx, Al
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    FSX Update Section Not Working?

    In the simplified test code segment below, the displayed value is 0. However, if I replace (L:CrossWindVel, knots) in the GaugeString line with a 3, I get a reasonable non-zero value displayed. So it seems using the update section to put the value of 3 into the L:CrossWindVel Lvar as a test...
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    FSX Detecting that Elevator Trim is Changing

    I'm trying to devise a way to detect that the elevator trim is changing (moving) either due to input from the pilot or from the Autopilot. One possible way to do this might be to compare appropriately time spaced values of the elevator trim position variable. Is there a better way? Thx, Al
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    FSX Strange FSX Display Issue

    I have FSX Deluxe(SP2) and FSX-SE on the same machine (Win10/64) and use Lua scripts with FSUIPC to display things like a/c checklists, selection menus, etc. In FSX when I activate a script to display a list of items I can see the list 'grow' in size, e.g., 10 short lines of info do not flash...
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    FSX Detecting Approach Decision Height

    It seems to me that the method of detecting when an a/c is at the decision height (DH) on an approach by comparing Radio Altimeter values to (A: DECISION HEIGHT, feet) assumes the terrain the a/c is flying over at that point is about the same elevation as the runway threshold. If, for example...
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    FSX Aircraft Interior Model File Question

    In contrast to externally coded XML files that are nominally executed about 18 times a sec by the sim , my understanding is that a 'hard coded' interior model file is only executed when triggered by a specific event, such as a mouse click, and then only once per event. Is my understanding...
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    FSX (A:NAV HAS......) Questions

    A few questions based on the brief definitions below: NAV SIGNAL:index Nav signal strength, Number -- Can I assume a value of 0 if no signal? -- What is the range of signal strength values ( 0 to 5, or 0 to 9 perhaps )? NAV HAS NAV:index Flag if Nav has signal, Bool -- While the two...
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    FSX XML Coding Question

    I am trying to write a small Lua script that will allow keystrokes to replace mouse clicks to switch a panel clock between 'Clock' mode and 'Timer' mode. Here is a small section of the original XML code: Mode selector(%((L:ClockLc2Mode,bool))%{if}Timer%{else}Clock%{end}) (M:Event) 'LeftSingle'...