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  1. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS FlyByWire Simulations is looking for modelers!

    FlyByWire Simulations is seeking experienced modelers to assist in our efforts of modeling the A320/A320neo family for MSFS. If you are interested in working on one of the most popular aircraft in MSFS, and giving back to the community, here's your chance! Here's a few examples of our own...
  2. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS Where is the code for "aircraft logic"?

    All of the default fly-by-wire and default autopilot code, as well as flaps logic, is handled internally by the base simulator code (which cannot be modified). You can only enable/disable these, and tweak them via limited CFG options. Which is why, if you're developing anything above a very...
  3. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS Where is the code for "aircraft logic"?

    Are you referring to tweaking the default A320neo or our A32NX? Our developers are actively working on custom autothrust, fly-by-wire, and autopilot systems, and have already made a lot of progress. These are coded in WASM (C++), partially auto-generated from Matlab models. Flap behavior is...
  4. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS Complex Hydraulic System

    I'd recommend against using the default hydraulic (and electrical) "system" included by MSFS by default - they are far from functional and very limited in scope. The best way to go about implementing these systems is to bypass the default behavior entirely, and write systems in C++ or Rust that...
  5. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS Adding an additional Asobo Gauge to a blank space on an Asobo aircraft Panel - as a MOD (or as an additional Cloned Plane with the added gauge)

    It's possible (we've done it on our A32NX to add the EFB and printer), but quite tricky. One of our devs is working on a proper Blender importer/exporter, but as it is not complete yet, we have a script to manually edit the GLTF as part of our build process. I didn't write the code for this...
  6. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS Reading a setting in aircraft.cfg file from within JS

    It is persistent. Regardless of restarts/reloads, the data remains there - that's how we store user settings in our FMC.
  7. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS Reading a setting in aircraft.cfg file from within JS

    Local storage through HTML/JS gauges can easily be accomplished - our code for it can be found here: https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/blob/master/A32NX/html_ui/Pages/A32NX_Utils/NXDataStore.js Keep in mind there is a global 2.5MB limit to the storage. Also, for the original question...
  8. FlyByWire Simulations

    MSFS FlyByWire is looking for aircraft developers!

    Are you a seasoned aircraft developer looking for your next challenge? Are you brand-new to the aircraft development scene and want to jump right into it, learn, and build your portfolio? No matter your experience level, everyone is welcome at FlyByWire! Our main areas of focus at the moment...