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    Getting weird errors loading FSX model in MCX

    Loading mdl from a FSX aircraft in MCX create the following errors I can handle, the shown graphic model gets corrupt- can I get help with that here? In MCX the following two error occurs: 1) wont load/read the modeldef.xml properly 2) " $j35_1024_13 is a dynamic VC textures and wont be...
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    Cockpit panel configuration in MSFS

    I find the Microsoft SDK quite confusing when it comes to the cockpit panel configuration: what to do with the FSX bmp´s och xml-files, are they supposed to be translated into DDS and Html- files? Any tip or advice warmly appreciated. Akki
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    MSFS default scenery issue- night lights editing?

    Sorry if misplacing this thread-please move if needed. I have discovered peculiar lamps lighting during night at in particular airports over parking spaces and sports facilities which I can not eliminate during my efforts of modifying a minor airport according to the present SDK. Is there a way...
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    Scenery conflict after update - Landmarks

    Ive got two Landmark items at the same location after the latest update - its the bridge between Denmark and Sweden- it was first implemented by FlyTampa´s EKCH excellent airport scenery but now also added via the new landmark Nordic update with the result that I have two (2) bridges on top of...
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    How to add ramp staircase in the "services.xml"?

    I have created a domestic small airport based on the MSFS default scenery and succeeded to remove the pushback vehicle as it isnt in use at this airport, now I wonder how I program the services.xml to add a ramp staircase as their is no gate jetway either? Appreciate any help! Akki
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    Import FSX scenery object to ADE latest version ?

    I have succeeded to export some scenery objects from FSX by MCX and now I want to move them into my Airport scenery in ADE, to place it correctly by the support of for instance Google Earth or similar. How shall I proceed to make it happen? I have the latest version of ADE. Greatful for an...
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    Import MCX exported FSX building into ADE for airport editing

    I have exported FSX bgl and dds files for a terminal building from MCX and successfully created a .gltf 3D object file, a .bin file and all attached png (texture ) files in a folder. Is it now possible to import these files into my airport project file and place the terminal building correctly...
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    MSFS Export to MSFS

    Hi, perhaps a stupid question but: 1) I have succeded to import a bgl file showing a terminal from FSX that I want to use with MSFS- it shows upp correctly in MCX if I provide also the connected dds-files (texture files) in the same folder. My idea is now to convert and export to a file that...
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    MSFS ADE Does Not Start

    I have initial problem- nothing happens on the desktop after installing the files after unzipped them, also the files that was installed from the main installation file and trying running the ADE 20 exe file. What am I doing wrong? Is there a install file I should initiate instead?
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    Move Airport scenery issue

    Need to move an FSX airport scenery with ADE because RealTraffic land and t/o next to rwy and park positions are not where they should. It is possible to move the AFX file content without any problem by opening AFX_airport.bgl in ADE to a point defined with Google Earth, furthermore is it easy...
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    How to move airport reference point

    I have a domestic airport in FSX that is not correct positioned making Real Traffic land beside the runway. I have tried to check the exact location of the reference point in Google Earth and chenged the coordinates to that location in the Airport Design editor ver. 01.78.7298 but no viewable...