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  1. Aidas Patas

    GP is below default RWY/TWY

    Hello everyone :wave: Recently, I have been having this issue, where my ground poly exported via MCX is below the default runway/taxiways and even the actual taxi-lines. When exporting, I have my altitude set exactly to the one that ADE 175 reads - 10.058 meters (also tried setting it to 10.07...
  2. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 EYPA - Palanga Intl.

    After visiting the airport as a visitor (treated like a VIP by the staff), I started up photoshop on my laptop here to do some textures from my photos (330+ of them), and one of them exceeds the size of 10K LOL! Of course, I’ll resize them to 2K or something. I’m on holidays, by the sea...
  3. Aidas Patas


    Hello folks, So I’ve been working on this console app for a little while. It’s purpose is to run in the background of another app (probably written using electron, at least, that’s what I use, and I’ve written my own framework for it :) ). The console app is basically a tcp client that sends...
  4. Aidas Patas

    Adding trees to polygons in SBX.

    Hello :) So, recently, I've been thinking about adding some trees to my resampled photo bgl. Now, I got this idea from another scenery, that I've studied. They somehow managed to create polygons, with trees inside them. I've got a .shp file, with the polygons of forests surrounding my area...
  5. Aidas Patas

    MCX Doesn't open .SCA files.

    Helooo! I've tried to import a scasm file, which has completely no errors, after being de-compressed from an older bgl format. The problem is, MCX sits at 40% of CPU usage (I do have a relatively good CPU) for 2, 4, 6 hours stuck at 'Reading SCA'. Help would be appreciated! Do ask for more...
  6. Aidas Patas

    Unable to resolve effect texture entry

    Hello. Suddenly I start to get this error: 4:03 PM AssimpReader Error Error importing file: Collada: Unable to resolve effect texture entry "EYKA_CORRIDORS_png_0012-sampler", ended up at ID "EYKA_CORRIDORS_png_0012". What does that even mean? I don't have any effects applied. It's...
  7. Aidas Patas

    Weird Normals issue.

    Hello! After importing the model, I ran into an issue, where some parts of my ground poly, just don't look right. (see attached img). To model and texture the ground poly, I used blender, and yes, I did make sure ALL of the normals are facing the right side. This isn't a big problem during day...
  8. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 P3D V4.4 Water salute effect

    Hello! I was wondering, how could I create a water salute effect for my airport? Let’s say I have a truck. Now I want to add the spray effect. How would I do that? Use the particle engine in p3d? Or make a custom video of a rendering of a spray. Let’s say I chose option 2: video of the spray...
  9. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 [P3Dv4.4] PBR Update and questions about it.

    Hello, So with the new update of Prepar3D, the PBR support is added. I have a few questions about it. All answers are highly appreciated. 1. How is this going to affect the market? 2. Will people be still interested in the older sceneries with the fake reflection maps? 3. Will the support for...
  10. Aidas Patas

    Missing texture?

    I tried subdiving both, the runway texture, and the main texture. Nothing helps.
  11. Aidas Patas

    FS2004 How do I convert fs2004 ground polys to p3dv4?

    Hello, I was wondering, is there a way i could convert fs2004 scenery ground polys to p3dv4. The scenery works fine from fs2004 to p3dv3, but the afcad is messed up and there are no groun textures in v4. So I know i can easily remake the afcad, but what about the textures? Is it possible to...
  12. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 MCX cuts texture.

    The texture just cuts like that in mcx (see third img) In my sim, it looks like this (see 2nd image) And rendered model (first img) I have set my runway texture above the main texture.
  13. Aidas Patas

    Unsupported material element map_Ks

    Hello, I am getting this error, after converting .BGL to .OBJ, [ONJReader] Unsupported material map_Ks, however I looked into it and found nothing online, and this error makes all of my buildings window parts go transparent and see through, for example: .OBJ File: .BGL File: Also, any clue...
  14. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 Scenery problems...

    Um. i dont know if its the right place to post but i get this stupid error when trying to put my poligon (not the first time error) fsx seems to compile the area ok, but the whole scenery is not for fsx, its for p3d, so here is the problem (i tried making flattens doesnt work :/) Zoomed out...
  15. Aidas Patas

    P3D v4 EYKA- Kaunas International Airport, Lithuania

    Hello everyone, I've been working on my Kaunas scenery for a bit amount of time, and i wanted to share my work with you and other people, judging here is appreciated: It's just a little bit, but over time I hope I can grow and soon the airport will be done: SCROLL TO THE LAST PAGE OF THIS...