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  1. UssIowa

    PLEASE HELP! I just need one file converted from OBJ to MDL

    Hi, I'm a volunteer at a museum who's way out of my wheelhouse with this stuff. I've spent the better part of two days trying to convert this OBJ file to MDL to put into airport design editor. This was an MDL file that was converted to OBJ and edited, put the person who did that is on an...
  2. I

    Texture sheet for a 3d object

    First of all: Hi! I'm 16 years old and i'm new here:wave: My problem is how can I make a texture sheet for a building that I want to export to ADE. I've been looking for tutorials. I saw a pdf that explains everything very good except the texture sheet. At least I don't understand anything...
  3. D-HOPF

    FSX Missing Exclusions after compiling airport

    Hello together, for a long time Airport Design Editor worked very fine. So i could edit lots of Stock-Airports. But since a few days I've got a strange problem with the Airport Design Editor: Everytime i compile an airport to ".bgl" the exclusions get lost. In hopes of solving the problem I've...
  4. T

    Library Objects from ACG not showing in new scenery

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a version of MoD Boscombe Down as accurate as I can manage, to do this I want to use the hardened aircraft hangars used by ACG in their Coningsby and Marham scenery. I opened these airports in ADE and added all the files within the scenery folders so that all...
  5. A

    Giving up in sheer frustration !!

    Newbie to FSX development. I have read dozens of 'How to....', watched vidoes until my eyes are square. I just can't figure out what is wrong and now on the verge of giving up and reverting back to X-Plane development where it works everytime with just a few mouse clicks. So here's what I've...
  6. T

    FSX [SOLVED] How to create the ground?

    Hi Everyone, I created the ground of my airport in Blender. You can see this "Mesh" in MCX here: http://bit.ly/2fG4GKY Later on I imported it as a Library Object into ADE and then I saw that the Mesh was flickering in FSX. It looked like on this thread...
  7. S

    FSX MCX not exporting Animation [SOLVED]

    I have made a animation using FSDS and saved it as .fsc file. Then I used MCX to make to read the .fsc file. I could see the animation in animation editor of mcx. Then I converted the fsc file to mdl file for use in fsx. I placed the model using ADE but I cannot see the animation in FSX. Please...
  8. T

    Ground is flickering

    Hi Everyone, I created the ground of my airport in Blender. You can see this "Mesh" in MCX here: http://bit.ly/2fG4GKY Later on I imported it as a Library Object into ADE and then I saw that the Mesh was flickering in FSX. So, how can I use my Mesh as a normal ground? And my second problem...
  9. Bert Zengerink

    Airport frequencies

    Hello everyone, Some of you may know me as 'Rimshot' from other flight simulator related forums. Once in a while I lurk around here to see what's going on in the world of FS development. I have now created an account in these forums because I have a question of which I'm certain I'll find an...
  10. K

    P3D v3 [ERROR] Model Already in List

    Hi All, I was editing an airport yesterday and I had already placed on model, but when I tried to add another model ADE gave me this error. The model I was trying to add had a different name too. I would like to add another model to my list, but this is blocking me from doing that. Thank you...
  11. S

    SimFly Baghdogra X BETA

    Baghdogra VEBD is a airport in India. I have just completed making the beta version of the scenery. Download from the link -http://simflydevelopers.wixsite.com/simflydevelopers/baghdogra-airport-vebd FEATURES- 1. High detailed representation of Baghdoghra Customs Airport (VEBD). 2. Includes...
  12. Chris04

    What Size of Gate?

    Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question, but I cannot figure out which size of gate I need for the parking spots of my airport. I am using the latest version of ADE to work on an AFCAD. And struggling to find the real life sizes of the parking spots. So, my question to anyone with...
  13. E

    P3D v3 Terrain not flattening

    Hi there, I have been having some trouble with ADE lately when I have been trying to make a scenery for Ponta Delgada, Azores. The fsx/p3d default is very inaccurate, as there are missing taxiways which I have added. However, huge mounds where the terrain was supposed to be appear between the...
  14. R

    Adding AI to an NEW airport I made on A.D.E

    Hello All, After spending possibly 50hrs on A.D.E (fabulous program and easy) making a brand new fictional airport I have been searching for a way to bring A.I to it's 22 gates and 30 parking bays. I have watched as many tutorials as I can find about A.I but have not found any tutorial for an...
  15. A

    FSX Complieing

    I have FSX:SE and ADE won't compile my airports because it can't find my sdk. Is anyone willing to help me, if i send you the .ADE file of the airport, can you send it back to me as a .bgl file? please and thank you this would be greatly appreciated.
  16. S


  17. Chris04

    FSX Make apron transparent/invisible

    This question has probably been asked a couple of times, but I have not found a solution yet. I am trying to place some aprons all around the airport, generally were the taxiways are. So I finished editing the AFCAD for KRSW in ADE, and added a test apron to see if I could do this. I was told...
  18. J

    FSX Taxi Designators not work in FSX

    Hello Guys, Today I tryed me again in the ADE. I have modified the EDXE Eschendorf Airport. This is an Airfield for Props. I add an New Large Runway, Aprons and more. Then I add the Taxi Designators in the List like A, B, C, D etc... . After this I open the Taxiway Properties and i changed the...