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  1. E

    MSFS KAP 140 autopilot

    Hello experts, I am using the Lionheart Creations TB21 GT Trinidad, I love this aircraft because I used to fly its little brother IRL, the TB-9 Tampico. The problem is that the autopilot does not work as expected, I can even say it doesn't work at all. It works for maintaining altitude, which...
  2. A

    MSFS Autopilot Altitude Hold Problem - Help Please

    I'm hoping that some of the experts here can provide some much needed advice and assistance. I'm trying to program a standard autopilot that has a flight director, standby button, altitude hold, altitude select, vertical speed button, IAS button etc. According to the info I have, the normal...
  3. E

    MSFS Flying ILS approach on autopilot

    Hello experts, I am developing an aircraft that has the ability to fly an ILS approach using the autopilot. The LOC mode guides the aircraft on the lateral axis (localizer) and the APR guides it on both lateral and vertical axis (approach mode, handling both localizer and glideslope). To engage...
  4. SilenT

    Autopilot = 1 not working after SU12?

    Hi, I know this forum is for devs however I'm trying to make the "base" autopilot work in the VL-3 (msfs) and I just can't. I tried everything.. systems.cfg [AUTOPILOT] autopilot_available = 1 flight_director_available = 1 default_roll_mode = 1 default_pitch_mode =1 engines.cfg...
  5. The Artful Dodger

    MSFS2020 Override An Aircraft's Panel.cfg

    Hello: I am attempting to install in instrument in an already published aircraft and was told that to do that I must "Override the Aircraft's panel.cfg" but, unfortunately I haven't a clue as to how to accomplish that. I am hoping someone on this forum can enlighten me as to what I have to do...
  6. E

    MSFS Autopilot PID reset

    I think the standard MSFS autopilot is quite good if the PIDs are correctly set for the aircraft, this is what I have experienced. I am currently fine tuning the autoland of my aircraft, it works well, but I have another problem: When autolanding, the autopilot commands a trim nose up attitude...
  7. E

    MSFS Autopilot pitch control

    Hello, This problem is not new, I also had it with fs9/FSX and could find a workaround, but not this time. I would like to control a pitch with the autopilot. For example, imagine I would like the autopilot to maintain a 3° nose up attitude. Is this possible? I tried to use AP_ATT_HOLD and...
  8. FSMuseum

    FS2004 Autopilot Pitch Control PID

    Alright everyone, back again with another PID thread, only this time I am a lot farther along than I was last time. I have created a *somewhat* working PID based on endless re-reads of my NASA documentation on the Boeing 747 classic Sperry SPZ-1 autopilot, some reading of Heretic's excellent...
  9. E

    MSFS What are SLOT INDEX ?

    I found these simvars in the SDK: Do you know what they are? Are they supposed to simulate several autpilots? Thanks for any clue, Eric
  10. E


    Hello, I am working on an autopilot that uses the standard MSFS autopilot. When I engage the ALT mode to reach a given altitude in V/S mode, it works well, the aircraft climbs to the target altitude using the V/S I have set, perfectly. The problem is that during this climb (or descent), I read...
  11. TheGreyGoose

    How do you rotate 2D XML knobs for endless rotation or fixed points -- for autopilot, radios, overhead, etc

    I'm trying to establish the best method for creating XML 2D knob visual movements (and 3D if it's the same). After looking at several 2D knob gauges I'm really confused because I see it being done in really simple ways (minimal code) and then also really complex (lots of code)..literally the...
  12. H

    Vertical speed window in m/sec

    Hello, I am creating a custom made autopilot using XML gauges to a Russian made aircraft. I have managed to make an autopilot VS selection window that works perfectly in ft/min. Now I would need to convert this selection window to show values in meters per second as in this aircraft gauges...
  13. Leo2789

    FS2004 Help adding simple autopilot to vintage aircraft

    Hello, I've recently downloaded this package for an updated Default FS Ford Trimotor from flightsim.com (filename in library: new_4at-e.zip), and it contains a really nice but simple autopilot gauge that I've been trying to add to David Molyneaux's Airspeed AS.5 Courier (filename in flightsim...
  14. G

    FS2004 Can I invisibly disable the autopilot when simulating hydraulic failure?

    I want to be able to disable the autopilot without the "autopilot disengaged" sound playing or any of the autopilot settings visibly changing, in order to simulate a failure of the flight controls from hydraulic failure. If I just try to lock the controls by disabling the joystick (through...
  15. Heretic

    AP speed hold PID controller

    I know that there are at least half a dozen threads on this subject out there, but the solutions offered are either frontends for FSX autopilot code or the code is fairly hard to get into or is pretty spaghetti-ish. My last - and only foray - into PID controllers was for half a semester almost...