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  1. Evilrash

    MSFS Material Params not showing.

    I have previously worked on MSFS scenery, coming back after a while and I am facing this issue. I recently updated to Blender version 4.0.2 and am falling to get the Material Params to allow me importing PBR textures. One object in my file shows while other object/models are not allowing any...
  2. Warmbrak

    Understanding aircraft animations in Blender (familiar with X-Plane development)

    Hi everyone, I recently reinstalled MSFS again and it has always been on my bucket list to work through the SDK and port some of my X-Plane models over. I am reasonably proficient with Blender and have created 3D assets for various different sims and game engines. The MSFS SDK refers to a lot...
  3. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS How to export an aircraft that depends on fallback textures before building an aircraft package?

    Hi guys, How can I export an aircraft to my package folder where most textures need to be called using the texture.cfg before building an aircraft package? How is the workflow in blender to the sdk? I'm confused on how to do this. Please let me know. Thank you. I'm very confused on how to rely...
  4. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Tinting windshields in blender 3.1

    Hi guys, I read this a post by Marwan Gharib Yet I wonder, these days how are you guys handling the tinting of windshields for MSFS using blender 3.1? Do you rely on albedo + normal + comp? I would like to kindly know.
  5. pigpot

    MSFS Fuselage Material

    Hello, what material is used in MSFS2020 for an airliners fuselage? Is there a way to apply it on a model in blender? Thanks! Here are some examples:
  6. FS9ER

    Creating paintkit using MCX

    Hi, I've been reading and searching lots of contents lately but I can't find a lead so I ask here if it's ok please. Can we create a paintkit for a FS2004 model using ModelConverterX? If yes, is there more about it like a tutorial video or experienced users who have good knowledge or text...
  7. Android

    Guide to current Blender to MSFS Workflow?

    I see the guide 4 here, and have installed it, but the last image shows an “MSFS Extensions” choice - I don’t have that - blender_6_exporting1013×529 70.9 KB ... and there are no further instructions. I tried making an object (and saved it to my community folder) but can’t find it. Any...
  8. O

    Blender place all points along the vertex at the same height, how to do it correctly so that all are taken over?

    Hi all, I've searched a lot but haven't found an answer. I want to place all points (or just several selected points) along a line (vertex) at the same height in Blender. The problem: All points have a different height, if I select several points and enter a height on the Z axis, some points...
  9. Quazzy

    MSFS Editing Default Aircraft

    To cut straight to the point, I am looking to replace the default steam attitude indicator with my model of a Garmin G5 in the steam gauge C172. Is this even something that I can do? If I wanted to do something like this, would I have to make my own interior model? How does Black Square do it...
  10. Losco Nosciuto

    SDK Converting Heightmap XML data to displacement texture

    Hello everyone. Got a bit of a techy question. Does anybody know a way to convert an heightmap from MSFS to a usable displacement black/white image? Once you apply an heightmap to a surface, it "wraps" around it so the single vertices of the heightmap should be the ones of the actual ingame...
  11. connomar

    MSFS Unable to create MSFS_Standard Material via Python

    I am working on a project that will generate ground markings automatically. One thing I got tripped up by early on was that MSFS requires a textured plane, rather than a vector colored plane for the Scenery/PolyMesh. I have got very close to my objective, whilst learning Python at the same...
  12. D

    LOD & optimization

    I work (in Blender) on a static model with textures that have normal maps. WRT LODs the 'optimization rules' in the SDK Documentation claim that better than introducing new resized textures it is to abandon individual textures completely. And a good way to start right from LOD01 is to dismiss...
  13. Simmerdiman

    Blender Looking for 3D modeler

    Hi all. The development team is looking for a 3D modeler to implement paid aircraft for MSFS/X-Plane 12. We promise a fixed percentage of sales (more profitable than piecework). The team already has all the necessary specialists, except for an excellent 3D artist. We need a person who knows...
  14. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS In need of a scenery/airport developer, preferably Blender. 40% of sales.

    In need of a scenery airport developer, preferably Blender. Offering 40% of sales, infinity. In need of a trusted and responsible airport, scenery designer. To help me complete an airport that's been on hold for a long period of time. Candidate will get paid 50% of the sales until the end of...
  15. unc1rlm

    Can't figure out what's wrong

    I am getting an error that say "body" is not in view layer. how do i correct that so I can export. Thanks
  16. unc1rlm

    Why does it look like this

    I am tryiong to understand why the Bin file in MCX looks like this compared to what it looks like in Blender. I am using 3.3.1 and MSFS Toolkit. I do not understand how to set up the new exporter with Collection 1/20 etc etc etc. BobM.
  17. FrancisJohannes


    HI GUYS, So I have this mesh on top of my aircraft. It keeps turning black at a certain time of the day. Normally slightly when the sun is at 1%. This is a mesh exported from blender. I've followed the default aircrafts shading configurations and utilized default NORM & COMP textures as well...
  18. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [Deleted]

  19. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [SOLVED] Fence object transparency issues and flickering

    Hey folks! Just started work on my perimeter fence and was very happy with the model and textures I made until I saw it lined up in the MSFS SDK. I'm seeing two big issues: The fence looks correct when the ground is in the background, but the texture disappears when the sky is the background...
  20. Deano1973

    Blender 3D modeling artist required ( POSITION FILLED )

    Hi folks, I'm looking for an experienced Blender artist for major MSFS aircraft cockpit projects ( my hands are just too full these days to do it all myself ). Contract-based, plenty of work for anybody who wants it. Ideally you will have previous experience or a portfolio of work to show your...