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  1. C

    MSFS how to manage code for power ON and OFF a LED with condition?

    Hi all, I've done a works code for power ON a Led into the cockpit as soon as I switch ON the the Circuit n.20 Follow the code <Component ID="BKP_BATTERY_LED" Node="BKP_BATTERY_LED"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Material_Emissive_Code"> <EMISSIVE_CODE>(A:CIRCUIT...
  2. Socorrista22198

    MSFS Write random value 0 or 1 in xml

    Greetings, I've modded an aircraft to be AI stationary version and works fine. But now I would like the aircraft sometimes spawns with the main door open, and sometimes closed, randomly. The animation that control it in the original version aircraft is: <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim_Code"...
  3. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Animations and Conditions

    Hi! At this point I would like to share my experiences about animations that can be controlled by conditions. This should only be the beginning, the hope is that many new and good ideas will emerge from it :) Let's take a hunter's hide as an example. The hunter's hide has two animations...
  4. E

    MSFS Where is the code for "aircraft logic"?

    I don't know if this post should be here or in the "aircraft design" section. My question is about the aircraft "logic", to know where it is located. What I mean here is the code that is executed to manage some aircraft system that is not related to any display. I am especially interested in the...
  5. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Self-defined code for doors, bonnet and tailgate

    Hello! This is my first "serious" :p attempt to build a car: Chevrolet Suburban 2015er Everything works so far good. The doors can be opened via clickspots (mouse rectangle), the lights can be operated using the standard keyboard layout and the car is now stable. Before that, he tipped...

    How to get the path of installed P3D version via code from registry?

    Hi, I would like to get some info based on the code below. I wanted when running this script via .cmd, it will look for the registry of P3D installed on our pc and will copy the path and paste it to the red fonts in the codes below. @echo off REM Batch Script for Prepar3D V4 REM Add the...
  7. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Help starting to develop for Simconnect

    Hi i am a advanced VB.net programmer and have a massive passion for flight sims . lately i've been interested in developing an addon that uses Simconnect. Is there any good guide to create a base to start developing (so how to make it to work with all simconnect versions and how to even start...
  8. TheGreyGoose

    Request help with FSX/P3D toggle gauges and tooltips.

    Hi, I've been making a few XML gauges and am stuck on a few things. Understanding the differences of the old types vs new types is obviously confusing to a noob. I've been able to accomplish maybe 80% of what I've wanted but am stuck on a few items, mainly 3 separate things. #1 - I want to...