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  1. L

    MSFS How do I create a plane for FS2020?

    I'm looking attempt to create a plane for FS2020 using Blender. From poking around this site, I presume I'll want to use the Blender2MSFS toolkit. Any advice and tutorials on how to get started? Many Thanks, Lee
  2. T

    MSFS Easy Blender FS2020 tutorial needed

    Hi all! New member and love the commitment, knowledge and atmosphere around here! My question. I see a lot of info but I miss one easy tutorial how to setup a 3D model with correct texture (day and night) with lighting and LOD setup to export into FS2020. I think this could be important as...
  3. NegativeCamber

    MSFS Apron Surface Area Material

    Howdy all, Has anyone encountered any errors when trying to change the surface under the object properties for the aprons? It keeps throwing an error and not allowing me to select grass NC
  4. H

    MSFS Absolute Newbie - Place Windsock at existing airport - AYDY

    Hi, I am very new to this so please forgive me if it seems that I am asking stupid questions. Also, I have limited time to get on my computer and travel a lot for work so IF you answer please be patient about me replying. I am mostly home on the weekends (but not always!) and usually once or...
  5. Guilherme Farias

    MSFS Sim Freezes on Building Scenery (Steam Version)

    Hi! As soon as I hit "Build Scenery", my sim immediately freezes and crashes. I'm using Steam version and I'am left with a BuilderLogError.txt file: PackageToolConfig version is too low in file C:\Users\Guilherme\Documents\MyFSProjects\airport-nzme-mercer\scene\airport-nzme-poly\poly.xml (got...
  6. O

    MSFS How to remove existing building? I've added low-altitude drone-photogrammetry building to FS2020

    Plopped the building into FS2020 as you can see, the new building model is overlapping with existing generic building. Trying to draw polygon to remove the existing ugly building, but I only can draw 1 point. When holding CTRL, it showed a line, but clicking did nothing. Any idea what's...
  7. BlackOdinAN2

    MSFS Problem to create a airplane

    Hey guys, I have a little problem that I've been struggling with for days. I have followed the instructions in the SDK and created all the folders and created a project for an airplane via FS2020. In the packet creator there are error messages that the .cfg are not available, but they are in...
  8. KO Zone

    Aircraft Coding Developers Wanted

    Hi All! We at AB Simulations are looking to actively grow our team and expand! We are looking for coding developers with: Experience in C++ and C# Experience with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D SDKs and PDKs Experience with GDI+ Experience with coding applications for windows We provide benefits...
  9. I

    Will it Offload Like P3D?

    Hi all! I am wondering if someone knows if MSFS2020 will offload the CPU and GPU when minimized like it does in P3D?