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msfs scenery

  1. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Released] Tauranga Region, NZ | NZA Simulations

    Hi all, We have been working away on the Tauranga region for the past 8 months and are now locked in for the 16/04/24 realease date. NZA Simulations Proline™ Addon - 3 Airports and 1 Heliport included -- NZTG – Tauranga Airport -- NZWV – Waihi Beach Aerodrome -- NZOI – Motiti Island (no...
  2. F

    Photogrammetry tiles only at airports

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a little issue im having. I use MSFS with photogrammetry OFF. i dont like the melted buildings etc that come with PG. Most airports i own are not effected by PG on or off but a couple are. KSTL by feelthere being...
  3. makefreehand

    Msfs sdk failed to reload saved model for verification from file

    So i had a problem when compile my msfs project it keep saying this. Does anyone know the solutions? It’s been six hours now Best regard Metha
  4. captainfrag

    MSFS NTTM - Moorea Project

    Hello, After the creation of the free scene of NTTE Tetiaroa for MSFS, I want to start modeling the main buildings of the airport of NTTM - Moorea. To carry out this project, I am looking for any photo document, plan, video of the airport area detailing the objects circled in red on the photo...
  5. M

    MSFS Engine "warning area" on ramp - howto?

    I've seen people create parking spots that include engine "warning areas"...the red striped areas around the engine when it's parked in the spot. Example from real life here...
  6. Evilrash

    MSFS Faces showing different shades with same texture.

    I am into a project designing hangers, but some walls are giving me such reflections. I am using the MSFS standard and both the walls are having same properties. While one gets darker and yellowish than other. Can anyone suggest a fix to this?
  7. peacefarm


    Hi all, In an attempt to expand processes and get away from projected mesh issues (especially in the last couple SDK updates), I'm looking to use the built-in apron feature of the SDK to make some pavement areas. So far, I've only been able to import the base textures via custom materials, but...
  8. R

    MSFS Problems to export in blender model with blender2msfs

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my blender, when exports any models for use in msfs, the blender not create the files gltf and bin when use blender2msfs toolkit, I'm use version blender 2.93.5 I too used versions LTS, but, continues the problems. I feel very sad
  9. unc1rlm

    MSFS Hold short node

    In the new ADE for MSFS...does the hold short node have the circle..like in the fsx version etc. Not seeing the circle..Is there a setting I have missed. Thanks, BobM.
  10. unc1rlm

    MSFS How do i get rid of this

    These don't show up in ADE but in the sim....I have these blue lights (on the left of the pic) on a small section of runway and on the right I have blue taxipath lights and above it..an old vehicle path that I want to get rid of but its not on the ADE display either. Too bad you can't see...
  11. W

    Please help.... Custom scenery name apprears but the object not showing up...

    Hello, I am new to MSFS object creation and facing an issue. I have a simple object in Blender and would like to export it using Blender2MSFS. I exported as usual (object selected, Format Separate, GUID generated... ) and put it in my "modelLIb" folder and built my project. The object was...
  12. AlexR

    MSFS Looking for Designer/developer for MSFS2020 Airport

    Hello Guys, I'm looking to hire some to help me develop an airport for FS2020. This would be a great opportunity for someone willing to use their skills to make some extra money! Please, if interested, I leave below the link to the job post on Upwork. You can apply through there, and I'm happy...
  13. L

    Ground normal

    Is it possible to determine the normal to the ground triangle at any point? I can't see any variables for this. I should like to place objects on the ground but would like to set their attitude and roll correctly.