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  1. unc1rlm

    MSFS Unwanted scenery

    I have unwanted buildings/trees everywhere...in the display in ade..everything looks fine but there's alot lurking in the shadows... If you look at 2nd picture..there are no buildings, trees etc how do i get rid of this stuff..
  2. Quazzy

    Delta Time with WASM

    I'm going crazy on trying to figure out how to calculate delta time using WASM, without the use of a local time headers. As you can see down below, FBW derives it from PRE_DRAW but I'm having a hard time converting to C++. Anyone have techniques that they can show to help me out? Thanks...
  3. M

    MSFS [SOLVED] Simple Animation in Blender not showned in MSFS

    Hi I've done a simple animation, a ferry crossing a river beetwen 2 warfs. The export with Blender2msfs 040.2.5 work correctly. I can see the animation in modelconverterX, so it's mean that the animation is correctly exported. But in Msfs, the ferry still stoked along the warf. All the ferry...
  4. E

    MSFS Refreshing the model without restarting the sim

    I can't remember how it was before SU5 but I think it was working fine. Anyway, since SU5, I can't refresh the interior model without restarting the sim. Each time I modify the interior model XML file (A320_NEO_INTERIOR.xml in my case), I try to refresh it using the 'Load' button of the aircraft...
  5. mel744

    MSFS Can't get SID restrictions to work

    Hi all, I'm currently coding some SIDs for a custom airport in MSFS, and thanks to some excellent tutorials on here it's been going well. One thing I can't make work is the at or below restriction on a particular waypoint. According to the SDK "-" should describe this constraint, but when...
  6. b4gunner

    MSFS F117 Night Hawk by B4Gunner

    The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a semi-retired American single-seat, twin-engine stealth attack aircraft that was developed by Lockheed's secretive Skunk Works division and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). It was the first operational aircraft to be designed around stealth...
  7. L

    Vinyard / Grapes MSFS2020

    So I'm bad atb3d design, but working on a small farm airport that's surrounded by a Vinyard. Is there any good objects out there to use to make a Vinyard? Thanks for the help!!
  8. NotBasti

    Looking for Project

    Hey, I am a 3D modeller from Germany who is looking for a project. My main software is blender, although for texturing, I use subject painter, which allows me to create high precision pbr textures. I have gathered plenty of experience creating sceneries for msfs2020 and high detailed aircraft...
  9. astaticmusic

    MSFS Exclusion Rectangles are not working

    I keep getting cars in one particular lot, and no matter the way, or how many, or singular exclusion rectangles I use, these cars keep coming back. The rest of the airport id working and the cars are gone, but is this one lot that i cant seem to get rid of..!!! any ideas on this? Thanks!
  10. Jackaroo05

    MSFS P3D v4/v5 Gauge to MSFS?

    Is there any way to port a P3D v4/v5 gauge to MSFS? I'm trying to convert analog gauges. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. haykal17

    P3D v5 CYZF Yellowknife (P3Dv4 v5 MSFS & XP11)

    We at project max is currently developing Yellowknife (CYZF) for P3Dv4, v5, MSFS 2020 and Xplane 11, currently finishing the terminal and some hangar modelling, with full pbr ground poly almost completed there still a lot of things to do.... including the thicc thicc snow and many more 😆
  12. Christian Bahr

    3d Character, female 1.00

    A female 3-D person with animation ready for export for FS2020/MSFS. The source files include a 3dsm file, a blender and an FBX file. It contains PBR textures in Tiff format.
  13. Lagaffe

    Blender: how to move an "animation"

    Hello, The problem is quite simple: In a model HN433 I have created some parts, animated and textured them. I would like to copy theses "parts and animations" into another model HN700 which has exactly the same "parts and animations" but at an another location: the dimensions of the first model...
  14. M

    MSFS How to make aircraft systems (MSFS)?

    Hello I have a project for a Phenom 100 for MSFS and I have a doubt is it possible to make the plane only with templates? or is it necessary another code if it's another code which language you can use HTML, Python, C++ or some other I'm waiting for an answer Thank you NOTE: I used Google...
  15. pyreegue

    MSFS Assign animation to play on a specific date

    Hi there guys. Currently creating an airport and wondering whether there is a way to make an animation play on a specific date. Thanks
  16. peacefarm

    MSFS MASTER Thread of Airports Being Worked On

    Hi all, I recently released a title that I had been working on for ~6 months when another developer came in with their XP conversion and released it prior to mine. While I understand it's an open market and we can all release whatever we want, whenever we want, I don't believe this to be the...
  17. Christian Bahr

    MSFS SimObject and Wav file

    Hi all! Does anyone know how to attach a sound file to a SimObject with simple means? I would like to equip one of the Bahrometrix Unliving Horror People with a suitable means of communication, a "moaning sound": But I have no idea how to do it. The SDK says something about the fact that...
  18. thetford569

    MSFS Pagosa Springs Stevens Field - KPSO

    My "learning" airport for the MSFS SDK / Blender and Substance Painter is finally coming together. Enough for me to show some progress images. Most of my custom models are done and now I have some ground work to accomplish, markings, airfield clutter, approach coding, and testing. Hopefully I...
  19. FrancisJohannes

    Las Americas International Airport aka Jose F. Pena Gomez International MSFS - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Hi guys, I wanted to share my first release for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This is the converted P3D version of this airport. Thanks for looking.
  20. C


    Hey! I am new to MSFS 2020 SimConnect development. I am using C++ to communicate with the SDK server. So far, I am able to read several variables (RPM, altitude, vertical speed, among others). The next step is trying to set the variables of the different controls: throttle, mixture, yoke...