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  1. Rick Celik

    MSFS 3dsMax Animation Workflow

    Hi all, Just wondering what the general workflow would be in regards to animation and 3dsmax. I'm stuck on a few issues, I create my character in external software, import into Mixamo to get animations and then back into 3dsmax. However when I combine the mesh of the "human" to make it one...
  2. J

    MSFS Datum Type for Structs?

    I see that some SimVars, e.g. STRUCT LATLONALTPBH return data that doesn't map to one of the SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE's. This SimVar for example says it returns a struct of 6 float64 values. In this case does anyone know what we're supposed to provide for the DatumType in the...
  3. J

    SDK SimConnect Variables - Source of Truth

    Does anyone know of any resource which is considered the best “Source of truth” for SimVars? I’ve found multiple locations so far which contain SimVar info such as: SimConnect Variable Index SimConnect Variable Category pages Programming API page listing Environment Variable SimVars Release...
  4. H01VE

    ACE 600 airstarter

    did this bad boy here recently! static object for the moment i need to learn how to rig it correctly cheers!
  5. Toperillas

    MSFS AI Boats problem

    Good morning everyone. I have a problem that I can't solve and that will surely be stupid. I'm trying to create a route with a model of GAIST but the ship never appears. I create a .kml with the route, modify the Boats_Ship_XXX.txt and the Plans_Ship_XXX.txt, compile everything with AIBRC...
  6. Marcstrasb

    MSFS How to make a Traffic AI in MSFS ?

    I'm trying to understand how to do AI traffic in msfs. I will be happy if the FSDeveloper Community can give me some ideas on the following topics: - Conversion of an AI FSX/P3D device for MSF - Using AIFP3 once the AI plane is integrated into Communty I can manage, but sometimes I need help...
  7. Classicsims

    Paid Position - Aircraft/Scenery 3D Modeler

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a new 3D Modeler. This is a paid position with pay coming per completed project with space for bonus' based on time between the start and finish on projects that we require assistance for. With the above said, payments will be discussed during a small interview...
  8. H01VE

    B721 Static AC

    just loved to make this lowpoly one! and how it went... just wanted to share
  9. M

    MSFS Technical Artist - Asset Integration Specialist

    Join our dynamic development team and become an integral part of crafting incredible virtual experiences. As an Asset Integration Specialist, you'll play a pivotal role in our aircraft projects, collaborating with a global and diverse team. Skills & Knowledge: Proficiency in Autodesk 3ds Max...
  10. ozzman1997

    MSFS "Component_ID" in behaviors XML

    It's been a while since I've posted here asking for advice...Hopefully all of you have been doing great. For the last couple of days I've been trying to wrap my mind around the new "model behaviors" system in MSFS and, as usual, reading the SDK documentation has left me with more questions...
  11. F

    How does one go about editing a BGL file.

    Hello everyone. I have about 20 or so airports that I forgot I even own because they don't have the yellow star in the world map. After doing some digging I downloaded ADE to change the star value. ADE made a new package that I place in my community folder and it shows the star on the world map...
  12. haykal17

    MSFS projectmax The Final Frontier (Star Trek's USS Enterprise for MSFS2020)

    I've been working a bit on this personal project for a bit over 2 weeks now, the idea is to remodel the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek The Original Series in a full Native feature of MSFS the flight model I use is a tweaked Pelican flight model. The 3D model is very very far...
  13. B

    Flytampa Amsterdam (MSFS) not loading all buildings

    After installing the airport with the installer not als buildings are showing up. For example the main terminal shows up with no problems but all other buildings like the cargo buildings, hangars, fuel tanks are either default msfs or are not showing up at all. The highways are also not showing...
  14. K

    MSFS Récupérer un code transpondeur avec SimConnect en Python

    Bonjour, je développe un plugin sur MSFS en python et j'ai besoin de récupérer le code transpondeur, mais je ne comprends pas comment le récupérer avec SimConnect si vous avez une solution, je ne suis pas contre.
  15. FoxtrotScenery

    Elevation Editor v0.1.0 alpha

    This tool allows you to convert a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) raster image to Microsoft Flight Simulator Rectangle objects with heightmaps. It's a very early work in progress and expect bugs to be present. PM me for questions and or bug reports. Instructions: Open a georeferenced DEM...
  16. DaymarusLV

    MSFS Fuelstation Object

    Hello everyone! Got a bit of unusual question. Did anybody here worked with/created FuelStation Objects? What I mean is I have a model of a Fueling station, and I want to make fueling panel popup once the airplane approaches it. I thought it's a WorldScript, with proximity triggers, but I have...
  17. Viktoren69

    AI Traffic not spawning in custom airport

    I just finished a rework of HAAB Addis Abeba airport in MSFS. In testing if everything was fine, I noticed that AI Traffic (AIG, FSLTL) is not spawning in the airport, while it is present in the air, so the problem is the airport itself. All gates/parkings are correctly connected to the...
  18. T

    LED anti-collision animation

    Hi all, Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction, I'm trying to sort a textured LED anti-collision light in MSFS but can't for the life of me get it flashing. Not sure if I'm missing something obvious but it just isn't flashing, I have it emissive, which turns on when the beacons are...
  19. I

    MSFS Adding non-airport scenery objects

    Hello folks. Following a discussion with an Irish historian on Twitter, I decided to make a model of the little Coast Watcher Lookout Post from The Emergency (what Ireland called WW2) and position them appropriately around the coast of the country, with attached POIs. The problem is, you don't...
  20. Ablai McKerrow

    UDIM - MSFS?

    Can't seem to find any documentation, but wondering if MSFS supports UDIM?