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  1. S

    MSFS Recruiting: Chart Display add-on for MSFS

    Hello! I am involved with popular stand-alone app for MSFS that allows viewing and printing of various PDF-based charts (approach charts, airport diagrams, etc). However, at present, the app does not integrate directly to MSFS (or any other sim). I am looking for an experienced developer who...
  2. shushengerdai

    MSFS How to add lights for the model with 3ds max?

    Hi guys! I'm trying to build my hometown airport in MSFS. Currently I'm stuck with the lighting for model. As shown in picture 1, I want to add light for the high-pole-light to illuminate the apron, and a red light which mean high-altitude obstacle on the top of the high-pole-light. I add light...
  3. Rick Celik

    MSFS Sydney Seaplane Base and Surroundings W.I.P

    Hi guys thought its time to share some WIP shots of my upcoming addon for MSFS (Payware) Hope you enjoy!
  4. C

    Photogrammetry Airport Exclusions

    Hi All, I'm working on a couple of freeware projects one of which is an urban airport in a photogrammetry city. Photogrammetry is pretty good but the default "airport" scenery extends aprons and OSM buildings quite a ways into the photogrammetry which looks pretty poor both at a distance and on...
  5. connomar

    MSFS Unable to create MSFS_Standard Material via Python

    I am working on a project that will generate ground markings automatically. One thing I got tripped up by early on was that MSFS requires a textured plane, rather than a vector colored plane for the Scenery/PolyMesh. I have got very close to my objective, whilst learning Python at the same...
  6. M

    Was there a fix for glass windows appearing black through fog?

    I noticed this issue on my DAAT airport as well as Roman Design CYOW, when there are low-altitude clouds/fog, the glass appears very dark/black as it has no fog effect applied to it. Has there been a fix identified for it? The material is MSFS glass with high transparency and dark color.
  7. simmershome

    MSFS Simmershome Riesa EDAU for MSFS (RELEASED)

    Alternating with P3D I am now also working on MSFS. In P3D I'm working on a new version of Tempelhof Retro together with Holger and in MSFS I'm working on Riesa. Here are the first pictures from the MSFS and actually it will be finished soon. The Airfield has all the features I am used to...
  8. PhobosDesigns

    ATC vocalizations saying KBDU instead of Boulder

    I'm hitting my head against the wall here. Any calls to CTAF/UNICOM phonetically say "KBDU" in the beginning instead of simply "Boulder" or "Boulder Traffic." The only place I've seen to adjust frequencies (which I had assumed was the correct place to change this) was in the objects.xml file...
  9. Clamb

    MSFS SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition in C#

    Hi, I'm desperately trying to get airport information from MSFS using the relatively new SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition function. Sending the request and receiving some kind of data is working fine. However, I'm not able to get more than a single int. I've made a bare-minimum example for...
  10. SilenT

    Autopilot = 1 not working after SU12?

    Hi, I know this forum is for devs however I'm trying to make the "base" autopilot work in the VL-3 (msfs) and I just can't. I tried everything.. systems.cfg [AUTOPILOT] autopilot_available = 1 flight_director_available = 1 default_roll_mode = 1 default_pitch_mode =1 engines.cfg...
  11. C

    Disappearing objects on compile MSFS

    Hi FS Dev community. I've done a forum search for this issue and haven't turned up anything, I'm relatively new to the MSFS side of things but did do a bit in FSX ages ago. I've built a helipad for a nearby city (Dunedin, NZ if anyone is interested) and putting the final touches and doing some...
  12. MM Simulations

    MSFS EFTU Turku Airport

    Get a copy of Turku Airport from all platforms! [orbx-simMarket-flightsim.to-aerosoft-iniBuilds-contrail] *(Marketplace in the coming days)* https://www.mmsimulations.com/turku Turku Airport trailer is here! Thank you to AviationLads
  13. M

    MSFS To what extent are missions currently working in SDK/DevMode?

    I'm new to missions, and I've probably been making many beginner mistakes as I try to understand this thing. My initial goal is to make a simple scenic approach with contextual voice prompts. The closest example I can find is 'Sitka Approach' in the 40th Anniversary Edition missions. I notice...
  14. L

    MSFS Connection between Microsoft Flight Simulator and external simulation engine.

    I am porting the Tu-154B-2 from X-Plane, for which I write an engine that can simulate "directly rewritten to C" LUA scripts, and executed it as a QT application. And at the moment I have: -Completely rewritten Datarefs; -The "core" of the engine itself, which executes the logic of the systems...
  15. M

    Attached Light in MSFS

    I am trying to adjust the intensity of attached point lights for use in MSFS. These are way too bright. I tried adjusting in the spotlight area, but no change. I am really not understanding the parameters to use spotlight, hence I tried point light. Maybe I have to use spotlight but feel it...
  16. WorldSky

    MSFS Animation from MCX Not Working in MSFS2020

    Hi, I have a problem when using animation on an object for MSFS2020. I created the animation in 3dsmax and exported it to modelconverterx and then exported it to MSFS2020. When in Modelconverterx, the animation is detected and runs smoothly, but when tested in MSFS2020, the animation does not...
  17. jkustom56

    MSFS ModelConverterX Textures have become darker

    Hello, This is my first post. I have been making my own scenery objects for about 7 years. My method is to build Buildings such as hangars using TinkerCad, converting the STL file with MCX into .dae files, than painting/texturing in SketchUp, exporting the .KMZ file back to MCX to place them...
  18. =Hollywood=

    MSFS YBAF - Archerfield Airport

    I posted in the working on scenery thread but with developing it I figured it would be best to start a thread. I've dabbled in Blender a bit as well as previous 3D design software going back to Flight Simulator Flight Studio and Lightwave 3D but it's only now I'm starting to get seriously into...
  19. unc1rlm

    material not visible

    Question. I have a model..here it is displayed in viewport all nice and shiny. This is a model blend file with the material built in. No texture folder. Now I export it. I open it in Model Converter X and the textures are blank but you can see them when highlighted in the texture window when...
  20. haykal17

    MSFS some US and Canadian airstrips

    hey! I'm currently working on a few series of airports/airstrips in the US and possibly Canada. A few days ago I finished 80TN Big "T" Airport, its now available on flightsim.to and https://secure.simmarket.com/project-max-80tn-big-t-airport-lenoir-city-msfs.phtml and now I'm already working on...