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  1. christopherbritton

    P3D v3 ADE Poor Performance with P3D open.

    Just curious, has anyone else had any performance issues with ADE while their sim is running? For whatever reason, if I have P3Dv3 running (Even Paused and collapsed to the Taskbar) it's practically impossible to use ADE, it lags so bad. I've had this issue for a while, but use to, if I Paused...
  2. sniperfull

    [RELEASED] KsimSaver free FSX / P3D auto-saving tool!

    KsimSaver is a free FSX / P3D auto-saving tool just like FSUIPC! but for free! KsimSaver is still in beta, but available for download! the program is actively being updated! here is a link KsimSaver: https://ksimulations.com/KsimSaver
  3. A

    AI aircraft carrier landings

    Gents, this is a prototype development we believe is worth sharing early: an AI aircraft landing on a moving carrier! This first small step is the result of a gradual buildup of our Carriers Extended! SDK and the skill and perseverence of Farley's relentless effort. The AI Carrier ops are being...
  4. Y


    With 3Dmax2012 made a aircraft model, and add the P3DV3SDK animation tags, compiled into MDL Import P3D, the animation can not be identified.
  5. christopherbritton

    Bear Island v2 - Open Beta (FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3)

    I'm excited to announce that Bear Island v2 is now available for download as an Open Beta. Any and all feedback is welcome. Download Bear Island v2 Official Release! Download EOLv2 (Required) Official Release! Installation Both packages use a installer that will install all the needed files...
  6. SimArc

    Released!! Multan OPMT

    We have just released Multan International Airport For FSX / FSX:SE AND P3D V2 / V3 . Get your Copy now : https://secure.simmarket.com/simarc-multan-international-ai… It took us Approximately 700 Hours in developing this scenery, without any reference photos. We tried our best to bring this...
  7. ilya1502

    P3D v3 Modelling a helicopter's engine (several questions)

    A turbine-powered helicopter is in question. I would like to simulate slow acceleration of the engine and its power deficit at high collective. The behavior of the sim helicopters is weird in this regard as I was able to get into a situation when the gas generator RPM reached 100% and did not...
  8. Clutch Cargo

    P3D v3 General questions about aircraft lighting...

    Hey all... As I am sure many of you have noticed the lighting for aircraft has changed dramatically with new updates of P3D. In the past I could add my own custom landing, nav, and strobe lights via A2A Shockwave or mix/match from other aircraft. But now, taking a look at the current default...