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  1. H

    P3D v4 Strange problem with Ground Poly

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with a ground poly that I made in blender here I attached the images of the problem and here are more images of model converter x This error only happens when you arrive at the airport from another airport, but when you start a new flight everything is...
  2. F

    P3D v4 pbr reflection seems off

    hi, im currently developing wmkp airport for p3dv4 and wanted to i. olement a bit of pbr feature in my scenery, but when it comes to the terminal glass reflection it seems a bit weird from the viewing angle. any idea what is the problem might be? modeled in blender and exportrd using mcx

    P3D v4 PBR Object only showing diffuse color instead of texture

    Hi, I have been trying to create some spheres and experimenting PBR metallic and smoothness value changes. When i export my spheres, I only get diffuse colour in P3D instead of the texture color. The texture colour is shown only if the diffuse colour slot in MCX is set to white (255,255,255)...

    P3D v4 P3D native ground polygon

    I've been using the MCX ground poly wizard in every scenery I made but this time I wanna make Native GP to be able to work with PBR in real time and save time so if I finish my model and layers, should I export it to MDL and apply the earth curvature correction or I can just export the Library...
  5. S

    Prepar3D Texture Map Converter (for Normal Maps and PBR Metallic Maps)

    HEY Guys and Girls :) I've developed a quick and dirty little tool (C# .Net w32), it makes the texture/modeling life easier :) 1st feature: Convert Normal Maps (valid for both, Std. Diffuse Textures & PBR Textures): You might know, when using Industry-Standard-Normal-Maps for Prepar3D, you...
  6. Pyscen

    MCX with P3D v4.3, P3D v4.4 & P3D v4.5

    Hello Arno... Since the release of v4.5 - I was wondering if we should drop P3D v4.3 all together and replace it with P3D v4.4? Referring to the Options setup within MCX - Within the Exporter settings: P3D v4 BGLComp Path pointing to v4.4 and P3D v4.4 BGLComp Path point to v4.5 and doing the...
  7. C

    P3D v4 Rougness/Specular textures in MCX PBR material?

    Hello everyone! I am not an expert in PBR, so I've got some problems.. I exported textures form quixel mixer, metalness workflow. I selected Albedo, Metalness, Normal. Then I applied that textures to ground polygon and this is result in Prepar - surface is really ''wet''.. I think this is...
  8. Davide Ferrara

    From Substance Painter to 3DS MAX and P3D v4.5 (PBR) -- Tutorial --

    Hi everyone, I'm David from Tailstrike Designs! I just discovered an easy way to export material from Substance Painter easily in P3D v4.5. 1) First of all of all we have to create a preset for exporting all the texture with the correct channel in place! 2) Open your SP project, go to file /...
  9. pyreegue

    P3D v4 3ds Max Material issue

    Hello there guys, so I've been playing with the pavement materials recently and have finally achieved what I wanted, however, as it always happens with P3D, nothing can work like a charm, this instance is not an exception. So the problem is: I've applied exactly the same material to 4 ground...
  10. pyreegue

    P3D v4 Ground Polygon Dry/Wet

    Hello there guys, so i'm currently experimenting with ground polygons and the textures for it, I have finally figured out how to use PBR materials and now want to make the most use of them! I`ve made this little piece as a test, which looks pretty good for a wet concrete, so the question is...
  11. delivery guy

    P3D v4 PBR for aircraft

    Over the last couple of days we are adding PBR to an aircraft and it is working but not sure about a few things. Can someone share some settings like fuselage and chrome parts. Right now we are using no specular as this seems to not work. We thought detail was specular but now we are thinks its...
  12. RED COOL

    P3D v4 DLL addons logic ?

    Hello i made some addons with the simconnect api, only EXE addons i saw that some people use DLLs and i just wanted to know the DLL logic in P3D and is it just for C++ how will P3D know which class to run and will he run it for ever ? is there any way that the DLL be built in C# ? in the SDK...
  13. GeorgianVA

    P3D v4 PBR - What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, I made my first PBR test yesterday and unfortunately not very successful. I wanted to keep it easy and made a simple cube: I downloaded a few pbr textures from textures.com and prepared them how it was shown in this tutorial (red channel metallic, green channel AO and alpha channel...

    How to create PBR Combined (TextureName_C) Texture?

    Hi, I would like to know how can we create PBR combined (TextureName_C) texture for Flight Sim World use? Hope someone can help me on this The SDK (http://fswsdk.dovetailgames.com/art-authoring/physically-based-rendering.html#TOC-Combined-Map) has the related info but i am not quite understand...

    FSW How to create PBR Combined (TextureName_C) Texture?

    Hi, I would like to know how can we create PBR combined (TextureName_C) texture for Flight Sim World use? Hope someone can share the procedure. Edit: The SDK has the related info but i am not quite understand the procedure...