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uv mapping

  1. FSMuseum

    Sketchup Texture Mapping Issues

    Hi all, I am attempting to model some very low-poly cars for use as scenery objects. Issue #1: Each car is an individual component in Sketchup for ease of copying and modifying. When entering the component (double clicking on) and then exiting the component, the texture mapping of any...
  2. C

    UV Unwrap and texturing long lines/ taxiways

    Hey guys after unwrapping one part and then using the follow active quads I still have issues getting the complete model textured the same way as I did the first part. Doing everything seperately will take days on a big airport. So there must be a better way. Any ideas or other workflows...
  3. Rotornut44

    Sketchup to Blender - UV Mapping and Model Scale Issues

    Hello all, I'm still doing the bulk of my object/building modeling in Sketchup as I am much more efficient at building simple models in it than I am with Blender, especially when it comes to buildings. I have been utilizing Blender a lot more recently for the fact that is extremely easy to...
  4. A

    Ignoring UV Mapping

    Hi, I'm a newbie doing to preliminary testing of making a model in Blender then loading to P3DV4 via MXC. In Blender I have created the model and added a Material, UV mapped and added a seamless brick texture. In Blender it looks OK. ( Please note scaling of the bricks is correct. I then...