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FSX 3ds Max-PP3d SDK making LODs?

With the TestX.max sample File that comes with the SDK I can add, remove and change the LODs to my heart's content. In the Interactive LOD Window, a method for viewing the LOD switching as it would theoretically appear in the simulation, things work perfectly.

However, when I start with a file of my own, at all distances only the highest detail LOD displays. Just like the sample file I can select any LOD in the LOD list Box and have it display.

I have tried adding a dummy node without luck. I can delete the dummy in the sample file and all still works correctly. I have tried every variation of linking the LODs I can think of.

I have read some discussion about including a dummy animation but I can remove all animation for the sample file and it still works.

I'm using the SDK "LOD and Export tool".
LODs are named: project_name_LOD_###. It seems to matter that the LOD prefix name matches the file name.

I'm missing something simple. Any thoughts?
You need to export with Animations to creat an .xanim file.

Chances are you already have one of these for test.x from your previous exports.

The new file will need one also

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I was able to make a file in which LOD switching works correctly. I still have a problem with my main project but I'm making progress.