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P3D v4 A Couple Of XML Gauges

I thought that these were working before,,,the Landing Panel Gauge toggled between Main Panel (2D) and the Landing Panel visibility. These past couple of days I was able to create a VC for the Spartan matching the 2D panel with much Divine Inspiration. It works perfectly except for these two xml's. Here is the Landing Panel code I want the VC to disappear and the landing panel become visible and then toggle off the landing panel and the VC reappear.

The second one that has become a problem is the Landing Gear Switch. It will go up but not go down and there is no helping hand with a minus sign at the down . Also it will not respond to the "G" key toggle even though it is coded in the Key Commands in P3D V4.5. I just flew again and if I DO NOT use the Landing Gear Switch but just the "G" key it works fine. ?????

<Gauge Name="Landing_panel_open" Version="1.0">
<Image Name="Icon_IFR.bmp"/>
<Size X="25" Y="25"/>
<Tooltip>Main Panel/Landing Panel Toggle</Tooltip>
<Cursor Type="Hand"/>
<Click> VCockpit (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE) 175 (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)
<Gauge Name="GEAR HANDLE" Version="1">
         <Value>(A:Gear handle position,percent) 50 &gt;</Value>
         <Case Value="0">
            <Image Name="GEAR_UP.bmp"/>
         <Case Value="1">
            <Image Name="GEAR_DOWN.bmp"/>
      <Area Bottom="60">
         <Cursor Type="UpArrow"/>
         <Click Event="GEAR_UP"/>
      <Area Top="60">
         <Cursor Type="DownArrow"/>
         <Click Event="GEAR_DOWN"/>
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The first gauge works fine for me in FS9, although the main 2D panel appears along with the specified subpanel. The main panel has the icon gauge on it too so I can switch back to the VC.

How big is the gear handle bitmap, in pixels? Looks like it should be 120 pixels tall. I can't help more because I do not use Click Event code in my gauges.
I noticed when I looked again that there is a gear handle which is a carryover that I don't want from the WWII Spartan panel and I can't find it either in the model OR in my panel cfg. As far as the landing panel switch, I want the VC to disappear when the landing panel is visible not be behind it. Back when I wrote this with the 2D panel it would disappear when the landing panel was visible and then vice versa 2D no landing panel. I don't know what to code for the VC instead of "MAIN PANEL" in the gauge to do this.
The MAIN PANEL is the 2D panel (Window00), not the VC. The VC is VCockpit.
The only way for the VC to "disappear" without some custom visibility code written into the 3D model is to have the view switch to the 2D main panel and then swap from main to landing.
That should work...I can use the original xml gauge code because I have substituted the Main Panel for an all 0-0-0 Black panel like used in so many payware aircraft with only VC's. I'll give that a try then. Thank you for the tip.
I am flying with it satisfactorily so I am satisfied that this post can end now. Thank you all for your help here at FSDevelopers as usual.