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P3D v4 ACM message appears every single P3D boot


I came across a repeatable instance whereby ACM will produce its GUI info window every time P3Dv4 starts (have not checked for other platforms). I am not sure if this would be considered an issue so let me explain the situation.

I have an add-on where I have my latest custom autogen default.xml file. When starting P3D it updates and I get the ACM window one time as it should and does not repeat after that. I also have an 2nd add-on with a custom autogen default.xml file almost identical to the first. However, this custom file has a few objects less listed than the first add-on. So it appears ACM is comparing and finding "less" of a match? Because the P3D default.xml file has already been updated previously.

If I use the same custom default.xml on both add-ons #1 and #2 then no ACM message. If I revert one of those add-ons back to the smaller default.xml file the ACM message appears with every P3Dv4 boot.

Here is other food-for-thought, the add-on #2 with the identical but smaller default.xml file is installed but is not activated. Not sure if ACM just checks all add-ons regardless of active status?

My concern is if I were to create a new add-on with more custom agn, this would cause older add-ons to now trigger ACM at each boot. I would have to provide updates to all older add-ons with new ones to get tham all matrched. Your thoughts?

ACM should check if the scenery is active, but let me double check that.

Could it be that these almost identical files result in minor changes to the xml file each time? Let me check how I determine if the file has changed.
"Could it be that these almost identical files result in minor changes to the xml file each time? "

Not that I can see. The smaller default.xml has two objects less than the other file. Would it help to attach the two files? Both refer to P3D (FSX), default objects.
Yes, if you can attach them I'll check how they are processed.

I have found the cause. The problem is that one library object has a different name (it is SWD_light_blue in one file and SWS_light_blue in the other). This means that with the first file that is merged the name changes and with the second it changes again.

I have now modified ACM so that it will not trigger a change if the start and end situation are the same. I'll put that in the next ACM release.
So the error was on my end. :eek: My bad... as they are meant to be the same. They both should be SWS. So it was proper that ACM was updating. Does that mean if SWS was already in the default.xml it would now change to SWD? Not sure what your need mode will do.
Well, no it was not proper to flag the update screen. Because if you compared the start and end situation nothing had changed. But in between the name was changed twice.

So let's say SWS was in the default.xml file. When merging the first addon it will change to SWD, when merging the second addon it will change back to SWS.

In the code as it was before each modification would flag the default.xml file as changed. I have now changed it so that the start and end situation are compared and then it will work fine.
Good to hear, Arno. Guess my little mistake helped out. I will confirm with my corrected files once you release new version.