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Adding autogen as a city

Is there a way to add a city (buildings) with annotator as a polygon? I can do this for vegetation (draw a polygon and add many trees at once) but I cannot for buildings - I have to add them one by one. Is there such a capability?

No, there isn't...
Maybe you should have a look at ScenProc, which can place buildings in polygons...
That's the first I looked and worked out well as a technic but for my scenery area building data is very incomplete both from OSM and all other available sources I found. Anybody knows a reliable source of geospatial data, even if you have to buy them?


scenproc can use building data, but I know some people also made random buildings in an urban polygon with it. That will align less well with the images, but can be done as well.
That's perfectly fine if I can tell scenproc to create random buildings within a polygon I define. Can you tell me the first step and where to start looking to follow this technic?


You have two options.

If you have a polygon of your urban area you can use the PolygonToPoint step to place point features inside the polygon. You can specify the amount of randomness in the step. Once you have the points you can assign a random heading to them and generate polygons with a given length and width. These can be used for the autogen buildings. But I think this might turn out to be a bit chaotic.

Another option I know people sometimes use is to place the points for the buildings along the roads, they will then follow the direction of the roads. Once you have the points, turning them into autogen buildings is the same as above (make polygons from them and create buildings).
This may seem simplistic, but can't you just make a row of random buildings along a streeet with regular annotate then copy the row and place the row any number of times.....right? I admit this only would work well for geometric cities...just sayin....
Yes my city is a bit of an octopus shape so it will be more difficult to do this. I think Arno's option fits perfectly to what I am after - Arno I tried a quick test, loaded my .osm file, used the polygons from there and added the PolygonToPoint step as per the manual, however I am missing the createAgn step and in the manual doesn't have such an example I think, linking it to the PolygonToPoint step. How do I create the AGN after the PolygonToPoint step?

Here is what I used:

Where natural=wood in my osm represents a polygon of (dense) trees.

ScenProc gives the message: Failed to find processing step CreateAGN.

I am trying to add the CreateAGN step as shown below but I get the errors in screenshot.


I would have to see if I can reproduce that error.

But I'm a bit confused you are placing trees, while the topic is about buildings...
I used the tree as a test that was more straight forward because in my osm I had a clear polygon for the trees and since the process steps are the same I thought it will simplify things instead of working with highways. If the technic works I can also improve the tree polygons as well as do the buildings. :)

So if I understand it correctly the CreateAGNPolyVeg step I did looks ok and should have worked?

For buildings you would use the CreateAGNGenBuilding step instead. And it requires polygons as input, so you would use PointToPolygon to make polygons with a specific length and width from the point features that you placed.
Yes, for vegetation it would be CreateAGNRectVeg or CreateAGNPolyVeg.

If you make point features, it does not make sense to use CreateAGNPolyVeg directly, you would first have to create a polygon in that case.
Oh maybe that's the reason is failing then? I am completely missing a step between PolygonToPoint and CreateAGN then? What step should I use to create the polygon?

PointToPolygon :)
Hahaha, indeed :)
It worked! Very sparsely though but I will have a play with the settings.

Many thanks for all the help Arno.