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FSX ADE 1.65 Win 10 no effect to compiling


It's my first post, so would like to say hi to everyone.

I've some problems when trying to compile. I was using ADE on win7 with no problems before. Since changed computer recently I'm now running win 10. ADE installed itself with no problems and it seems to run just fine, however there is no effect to compiling.

I was changing runways in WMKK, WSSS and VHHH to force ATC (VOXATC) to use both runways at the same time by specifying YES/NO to takeoff/landing on primary and secondary rwy. It worked great before (win7), but now changes I'm trying to implement are not compiled into .bgl. So upon compiling/saving once stock airport is open again there's no changes.

I changed security permission for FSX, ADE. ADE is not reporting any errors. Not sure what to do.

Hello Alex and welcome.

Since I'm kind of a beginner myself, I probably won't be much help to you. Sounds just like the same problem I'm having, if I'm interpreting your question correctly. So I will be watching this thread closely

Are you opening your bgl from File > Open Stock Airport, or File > Open Airport from Bgl?

I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I think your saying that after you save your work, you don't see any change in fsx or when you import it in ADE right?
Hi Chris,

Yes, you got it right - apologies for not being clear in my explanation.

I am opening Stock airports via File-> Open Stock Airport. Then I do my changes, save and compile (File-> compile).

And after that, when stock airport I just saved and compiled is open again - my changes are not saved and it's in its default state.

No errors reported. No idea what's wrong.

Project is saved in Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery and I would think that actual .bgl is compiled/saved in source (location ADE is opening stock airport from)
I'm wondering if it's related to permissions. I know that you already said that you allowed permission(Run As Administrator) but ever since I switched over to windows 10, no matter what I do, I could not save anything in the Program Files folder.

Here's a test that you can do to see if your problem is related to permissions, or not.

Step 1. Open Airport Design Editor X

Step 2. Click File > Open Stock Airport

Step 3. Search for WSSS airport, and then select it and click open

Step 4. Select one of the two runways and hit the delete key

Step 5. After that click File > Compile Airport

Step 6. And this time instead of saving it to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery folder, save it to your desktop(saving things on my desktop is allowed) After you save it a popup will say "Airport Compiled"

Step 7. Move the file(WSSS_ADEX_CH) to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery folder by dragging and dropping into it.

Step 8. Open FSX, and click Settings on the left side of the screen.

Step 9. Then click Scenery Library.

Step 10. If you don't see Addon Scenery in the list in front of you, click Add Area.

Step 11 click Addon Scenery. Then click OK. Now for me when I click okay, it won't add it, so after I click okay I have to click in any empty space below the folders(I don't know why this works)

Step 12. Then click OK, and move back to the Free Flight section, find your airport, and click FLY NOW!

If one of the runways are missing then you know that it works, if not then try opening Airport Design Editor again and clicking File > "Open Airport from Bgl" Then navigate to
Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery then click your file(WSSS_ADEX_CH) and hit Open. A runway should be missing.

This is how I add scenery from ADEX to FSX.

I'm not sure if this will help, but hey! no harm in trying.
Hi guys

Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately it's still doesn't work. I'm saving files in Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery. I tried saving somewhere else and then drop as Chris04 suggested with no effect. Once airport is compiled and I open it from bgl changes are saved, however when I open it from "open stock airport" it's not.

I thought that changes have to be saved to stock airport rather than saving another .bgl in addon scenery.

Anyways, have WSSS and WMKK with lots of traffic utilizing one rwy which is so frustrating..

Well, I sorted this out finally. As it turned out .bgl files of addon airports had to be changed. I did it and it's all good now.

Thanks all for your help!