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FS2004 Adjusting turboprop power curve

I’ve been able to play around with the air files of various freeware planes I use. For jets I simply adjust table 1506 according to my needs to make some fly a little more realistic (as some if not all all seem overpowered).

But I discovered this table means nothing with turboprops. So is there any way to make simple power curve adjustments in the air file for turboprops?

In P3D 1506 scales thrust with turboprops.
Record: 1506 Turbine Thrust Scalars vs CN1 and Mach No.
columns: 3 rows: 5

For example if you want less thrust at 100% CN1 when using the above example at zero Mach (center column above) reduce the value of 1.0 to say 0.9. If the problem was more evident at top speed you could reduce the 1.1 entry in the Mach 0.6 column.
This may not work with FS2004. There have been changes to the engine mechanization since then but it does work these days and is worth a try.
That’s what my understanding was as well.
I discovered though that when I made changes to section 1506, it seems to have no effect in FS2004 which is odd. I checked several different aircraft models and discovered they all had a similar (exact) 1506 section as well.

So I’m left a little confused by it. I would’ve thought it was the same with turboprops as Jets adjusting the section as you described.
In a pure jet the thrust comes from the exhaust gas flow directly. In a turboprop the thrust comes from the propeller and depends on things like prop RPM and blade angle. Very little thrust comes from the exhaust gas. In a turbojet 1506 directly varies the thrust with RPM so it is easy to understand. They are similar but different animals.
Yes, that makes sense.
I had an I presión right or wrong that in FS2004, it wouldn’t make a difference so much. But I guess the power is being manipulated by another factor through the air file.
I’ll cross check in case I’m missing a step.
Have a look at "Turboprop Engine Tuning. This Flight Dynamics section 18 Oct 2018