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Affect of multiple uvw maps on performance

Hi all. I tried searching to see if this question has been answered in the past. I am curious if anyone knows what affect does having multiple UV maps have on performance in MSFS? I am working on an airliner that will have a few thousand parts for the exterior ( I project between 600k-800k triangles when complete ). When I think about how many UVW maps might be used ( using unwrap UVW ) , it could easily be over 10k maps. Has anyone experienced any issues with this on performance? I plan on using 7 2048X2048 textures and 1 4096X4096 Thanks.
I hear the Cessna 152 in MSFS has 240 textures... Just thought I would throw that out there.
I havent dared to count the amount of 4K textures in my plane.

You might be talking about scenery though.

Also note, especially with scenery, you can do LOD's and with that, you could do LOD textures and materials, and with those, rename smaller textures and attach those only to far distance LOD mesh, so that you have Lamborghini performance from distances, and up close, you have 'amazing' textures....

Presently, the main thing killing frame rates right now is 2D XML gauges.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Quick question. How can you have multiple UVW's on a part? Curious how that would work.
If I understand the question correctly, then it's about a 2nd map channel. In MSFS one has the possibility to use the material "ParallaxWindow". A 2nd map channel is required there. If I understand correctly, then you can apply two textures to a polygon in this way. Both textures can be mapped differently. I mean the raindrop effect on windshields uses the same technique :)
Thanks guys for the response. I should clarify what I meant. Correct me if I'm wrong but when I use the UVW unwrap tool, it automatically applies several mappings ( of just one texture ) to the part. This is to eliminate any stretches. I do make manual adjustments to get the desired result.

In the old days in gmax ( I have been out of the game since 2010 ), I would just manually apply a UVW map to the parts and make a map for each side that I wanted. So for example, for the wheel, I would just have a side UVW map and front map. Now fast forward 10 years later and catching with the times, lol. In 3DS max, using unwrap UVW, the wheel alone has over 30 maps for the various parts and sides. This got me thinking that if every part has multiple mapping like this it could add up quickly. I'm not sure how the graphics engine would handle it. Although I do like the idea of LODs so I definitely think I have to go down that path.

I haven't experimented with multiple textures on the same polygon but that is a different situation and definitely can create some interesting effects. For example, maybe dynamic dirt on parts?? That would be cool if someone does that :)