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Not sure if this is the correct place to post. Anyone know how to get the afterburners to work in MSFS2020? I've seen pics of them but have tried all I know but No Joy.
Serious answer: check the control settings to see which key or key sequence is allocated to the afterburner.
In 2020. There has to be an option to customise the key assignments somewhere. I don't have the sim so I can't give you precise directions.
Maybe they don't have afterburners in 2020... after all, commercial jets don't use 'em.
Any afterburners you have seen in MSFS will be elements in the model file that have a visibility set based on (usually) airspeed. What aircraft, specifically have you seen them on and which are you trying to make them appear on?
is it about FSX port overs or native aircraft? as long as airplane became pinned in the air right after you set afterburner_available value, that part of code disabled by devs.
just yesterday made a workaround tutorial for legacy planes, maybe will be helpful (formatted English subs available)
This looks very interesting.
The FSXA/P3D afterburner has an interesting bug which it would be great to fix.
Prior to FSXA the AB had just one stage OFF or ON. When the throttle was increased past the threshold for AB you got say 50% more thrust and say 100% more fuel rate.
When FSXA came out the AB had a number of stages. When the throttle was increased past the threshold you got a variably increased AB effect. Say there were 4 stages of AB. When the first stage was selected the thrust increased by 1/4 times 50% = 12.5 % more thrust. That is the desired effect. However the fuel rate went from max dry to 1/4 of the full AB rate so from 100% dry it went to 1/4 times 200% or 50%. That is clearly wrong. You can go to 1/4 AB, get 1/8th more thrust and consume half the fuel rate. Wonderful for fast transit but flat wrong. Essentially the increase in fuel should be in addition to full dry rate not instead of.

I notice there appears to be some interaction between AB and speed in the video. In real life there may be some adjustment to AB based on Mach but mostly in early jets only. Certainly AB selection is via the throttle, not because of speed.
Never got a notice that someone answered. It's the Iris F-4 but it looks like the afterburner is written in the cfg as lights.
Roy: should be fixable/overridable with a bit of SimConnect code controlling fuel content. But I guess you will already have figured that one out :D
The above fix from thealx worked on a few of my jets. but the one in question is the Iris F-4. In FSX it is fine but after I converted to 2020 in that same converter says afterburners not present. It seems (someone said) if the afterburners are written in the cfg under lights won't work.
Question is there a way to write them in some file to make them work?
Use the [smoke] section. Smoke.0 does not work, so start from smoke.1. It may work, it may not. It depends how IRIS implemented the fx code.
Roy: should be fixable/overridable with a bit of SimConnect code controlling fuel content. But I guess you will already have figured that one out :D
I tried writing to the rate variable without success. Did not fancy controlling the content.