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P3D v4 ai planes do not show up.

I have a scenery in FSX with trafic files and the proper planes. All runs well. I port this over to P3d4.5 AND the planes... no planes show up. Friend of mine has the exact scenery and files. His shows. .. planes all over the place. My lsiders were at less than 10% _ Traffic files all show 1% needed. I ran these to 100% - still no show. traffic files are in the swcenery itself. Tried putting them into scenery\world\scenery... still no show. Ideas?


Resource contributor
Are the folders containing the relevant AI aircraft registered with PV5, i.e., did you update simobjects.cfg?
How would I do that? do I need t o do something with the traffic files? In other words... I can' t just transfer the traffic files and aircraft to P3d and expect it to work? I need to do something with the traffic files so it and teh planes 'see' each other i P3d instead of FSX?


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I can' t just transfer the traffic files and aircraft to P3d and expect it to work?
You can and the assumption is that you have, however there is an issue and as Don observed, the paths are significant. Each of the folders in the SimObjects folder is listed on the .cfg file, so the sim knows to use it. Many people store AI aircraft in it's own folder, distinct from the standard ones. If you do this, you must add the name of that folder to the simobjects.cfg. If you add your AI planes into an existing folder, this is not required.
I try to keep P3D as "clean" as possible of "foreign" additions.
For instance, hereunder my additions to my simobjects.cfg file:

Title=My Airplanes
Title=My Rotorcrafts
Title=My MP Aircrafts
Title=My AI Aircrafts

Same works also for gauges, sounds, effects, at least at my side.

My ORBX stuff is also outside of P3D (except Global Base), using a symbolic link since now 3 simulator main versions...

Blue skies, and nice flights


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The AI aircraft are probably in FS2004 format, which will not load into P3Dv4 or P3Dv5.


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Most FS9 AI will show in P3Dv4 (I can't confirm that is true in v5), though they may be incomplete or have strange animations! If your friend has the same scenery and AI working in P3D, and you have it working in FSX, I very much doubt that the format is wrong. The fact that you have other traffic showing also suggests that you're not suffering from having FS9 format traffic files in the sim. As far as I can see, your simobject.cfg file entry looks ok, but it's worth trying putting the aircraft in the main P3D SimObjects folder. If the sim sees both, you'll get a warning about duplicate aircraft and you can then delete that aircraft. If you DON'T get a duplicate warning, then P3D cannot see your simobjects.cfg and you need to redo it. If that's the case, before you rebuild your simobjects.cfg and before you delete the temporary installation of the aircraft in the P3D simobjects folder, add the traffic file to the P3D scenery/world/scenery folder and see if the traffic turns up. If it does so, then you know your simobject and traffic xml routing is not working.
I did a check for any fs9. found some, converted. problem still exists. But my friend just sent me more (had the planes already) and traffic file for another of our sceneries. THAT worked fine!!! I see planes taking off. However I do not find any simobject.cfg file
Sorry, I was confusing you and PhilK! If you do not want to modify the simobject.cfg file, then you must put the aircraft and traffic files into the main sim folders. If you want to keep addons outside the main simulator folders, you need to amend the appropriate .cfg files, directing the sim to find the aircraft and traffic files in wherever you've stored them - as PhilK's example shows. Your simobjects.cfg file will be in c:\ProgramData\LockheedMartin\Prepar3Dv4.