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FSX:SE AI show in weird places

Hi guys,

I have never seen this before so wondering if anyone can shed any light. I have a multitude of AI a/c and f/p running on my FSXSE. They all behave appropriately except only one airline AI creates a problem. My Qatari AI show up in the weirdest of places, completely unrelated to their flight plans. As an example a flight OTHH-EGLL showing up over the phillipines. I can see them in the sim and they show in my FSC moving map. My Qatari FP is the only one to do this. I have attached the FP *.bgl if anyone can see an issue with it but this has me flummoxed.o_O




  • Traffic_Su14_QatarAirways_FSX.bgl
    1.7 MB · Views: 325


Resource contributor

The only way that I can think of... If this FP is the only FP? Sounds like you have a rogue FP still within your FSXSE (most likely a FP that was created and then forgotten) or a FP from an add-on, such as ORBX.
I don't know if FSX:SE comes with the FSX SDK files but, if it does, you can, if you haven't yet done so, set up TRAFFIC EXPLORER. This FSX SDK addon will tell you which AI BGL file is adding each AI aircraft to your system. Very helpful if you do have more than one AI BGL providing your AI.


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I agree, start with the traffic explorer to make sure that plane is coming from the BGL file you expect. If it is from the expected BGL file, I can say that I have seen a few stray AI aircraft flying far from what their route should be. I assume it's a bug in FS or the AI traffic compiler, placing them into the wrong sector.
Thanks guys for all your replies. Tom I am glad someone else has seen it, and if its an FS glitch, I can live with it as they disappear as quick as they come.