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P3D v4 AIFP reads SODE files

Can anyone please explain how to get rid of this in AIFP? It started to happen after I updated SODE to the latest version.


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Resource contributor
Andrew, AIFP attempts to read all sim.cfg and aircraft.cfg.

The SDK (since FSX) says aircraft and helicopters should use "aircraft.cfg" and other vehicles "sim.cfg". However, some time ago it was discovered that a few aircraft developers were using "sim.cfg". So that AIFP could cope (it seems users expect AIFP to adapt instead of having the other developers fix the underlying issue), I added "sim.cfg" to the search list. Consequently, I'm reluctant to now remove it.

So, in the next release, I'll try to avoid the exception you are experiencing (due to Flightsim being installed on the C: drive - I know, that's the default location). In the meantime, if you run AIFP as administrator, the message should not be issued.

Thanks Don, I'm good with using AIFP as Admin for now. My P3D is of course, never installed in the default location, but on a separate FS SSD.


Resource contributor
I misspoke in the previous post. It should have referred to SODE (not Flightsim) being installed on the C: drive.

Please download AIFP Development Release 3.2.15(t) from http://stuff4fs.com and confirm whether or not the exception message is still issued.

Yes, I let SODE install in the default path on the C disk actually. Tested the new AIFP version, all good, no more ned to run as admin. :)