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P3D v4 AIFP3 error


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just sending a foto taken with my iPhone.
I need the traffic file.

they are inmediatelly recognized by editvoicepack
EditVoicePack doesn't have anything to do with the AI Engine. Please verify at a stock airport.

As to your question of what am I expecting to happen: departure and arrival of the aircrafts from the selected airports at the indicated times and destinations, as I have seen them doing on older FP that I created years ago
I was looking for some specifics. But, since there appears to be only one aircraft shuttling back and forth between two airports, I don't need anything further.

Both are stock airports modified with ADE175 that I have used before.
So I understand that being a single aircraft going back and forth that you don’t need anything more to figure out whats happening
Attaching 2 FP which are an example of what I have created
don't know why but only 2 FP show when I have created about 10


  • Aircraft_SPSO-SPIM-B737FAP.txt
    33 bytes · Views: 221
  • Airports_SPLP-SPUR FAP 12.30PM.txt
    122 bytes · Views: 194


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Mameni, I asked for the traffic file, i.e., the .bgl file whose name will be prefaced with "Traffic_". Instead, you have sent me the aircraft file from a flight plan file set entitled "SPSO-SPIM-B737FAP" and the aircraft file from another file set entitled "SPLP-SPUR FAP 12.30PM" - neither of which appear to be related to the file set loaded in the earlier screenshots.

I can't help you if you don't send me one of the traffic files that are causing you situation.

Sorry for the mistake, this are some of the traffic.bgl that you need located in the following path: C\Prepar3d-v4-Academic\Scenery\World\Scenery. All of them have the same inconvenience. I can see the aircrafts at the airports but that's all, they do not move from their parking position.
Hope Iv'e corrected the mistake


  • Traffic_SPLP TO SP70-B737FAP.bgl
    4.3 KB · Views: 246
  • Traffic_SPIM SPHI LAN A320 15.00.bgl
    30.1 KB · Views: 199
  • Traffic_SPIM-SPZO Peruvian 07.15.bgl
    7.9 KB · Views: 184
  • Traffic_SPSO-SPZO Star CRJ200-10.15 AM.bgl
    10.2 KB · Views: 232


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You may be encountering a DST problem. Look 1 hour later and 1 hour earlier and see if they depart then. If so, it is probably due to DST/not DST.

When I'm looking for AI aircraft, I always set the time using the GMT option in FS, following the departure times listed in the Flightplans.txt file.


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PS. And note that if your time setting puts local time into one day and GMT time into a different day FS chooses the local time day, so you might be off by 24 hours when checking the GMT time (if it is a WEEK plan).


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Bottom line first. FlightSim (neither FSX nor PV4) does not execute your traffic files. I don't know which aircraft you were looking at (probably the default ones), but it seems unlikely they were the ones programmed in your traffic file. Traffic Toolbox explorer shows no activity from your files whatsoever.

This suggests there are errors in your flight plans that AIFP is not detecting. In particular, Traffic_SPIM SPHI LAN A320 15.00.bgl and Traffic_SPLP TO SP70-B737FAP.bgl both contain single-leg FPs. (It would take a very complex algorithm to detect that.) But, the main reason is that your traffic file names contain a period ("."), tricking Flightsim into believing the file extension is not .bgl but rather, everything after the first-encountered period. I was previously unaware of this issue and will add a check to AIFP.

So, fix the one-way FPs and delete the time from you traffic file names and all should be well.

My dear friends I am really happy that all of the aircrafts are now departing on time, haven´t checked yet,but I am sure that they will be arriving also as programed. And all this achieved because of your help. So thaks again.
Only thing I did was deleting the time from the traffic files as per Don´s recomendation.
Additional comment: there seems to be a 2nd. aircraft behind the original doing the same FP is this normal or is it because of a mistake in the FP


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It could be due to two copies of the same traffic file being within the "view" of Flightsim, or it could be two different traffic files calling for the same action. You'll have to sort this one out.

Since my FSX times I have been "cleaning" the stock AI traffic file, as various flights were duplicated into the original files.
Although aircrafts had different registrations and activity percentages, they were flying the same flights at the same time.
I now fly P3Dv4.1, and also altered the TrafficAircraft.bgl...
My way to check for duplicates is to extract the .bgl, load the FlightPlansAircraft.txt file into a spreadsheet software (using LibreOffice freeware here), and sort the lines by aircraft + airport of departure + airport of arrival + departure time. Got total 255 duplicated flights (except for activity level) into my P3D original traffic file...
If you now simply sort by airport of departure + airport of arrival + departure time + arrival time, you can evidence identical aircrafts but under different liveries.
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