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Aircraft Editor - Show Image issue

Good day,

I've noticed a problem with v3.4.3.3. The aircraft editor's "show image" button does not seem to bring up the correct livery anymore. Rather, every livery I select shows up as the same one for any given model. This is easily reproducible with my installation. Here are the steps:

1) In the Aircraft menu, select "Add Single Aircraft to List."

2) Click "By Path" and select any model that has more than one livery. Select a livery in the "Title" bar, then click "Show Image." In rare instances, the correct image has been selected by random; if so, select a second livery from the "Title" bar. This will show up as the same livery you had just seen, as will every other selection.

This only became an issue when updating to the latest version. A day before updating, I had been working on some liveries and the viewer was working normally.

A few points in case they're relevant:

1) I am using OCI liveries from the AIG manager.
2) In spite of the livery being incorrect in the AIFP viewer, I believe the correct livery is still showing up in the sim.

If you need anything else from me, let me know. If this is only happening on my end, I'm open to suggestions for fixing it. Thanks!


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The Aircraft Viewer underwent some changes in the most recent release to be able to display MSFS 2020 aircraft. Unfortunately, after implementing the changes we discovered the ModelConverterX .dlls (which actually do most of the work) had some issues with MSFS models. I've just checked and it appears Arno has not yet updated the .dlls to correct this issue. SO the Viewer button remains disabled in FS2020 mode

As for your specific issue, I've confirmed what you have reported and will issue an update ASAP.


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The underlying problem is that all FS/P3D aircraft use the same .mdl file. The livery is controlled by the applied texture. At the moment, all the viewer gets is the .mdl file path. That being said, the .dlls load all the textures, but, initially, display the first texture designated in the aircraft.cfg file. Fortunately, you can call for the other textures (liveries) to be displayed from the Livery combobox at the upper-right on the viewer dialog.

I realize this is not ideal and will attempt to have the livery selected in the Aircraft Editor displayed first. But, in the meantime, there's a reasonable work-around.
Thanks for the quick response! The work-around is fine, even if the original functionality was never restored. To be honest, I'd forgotten all about that selection option.


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I've just posted a new general release that allows the Viewer to display the selected livery. Please give it a try.
Hi there,

All the liveries now show up as pure white (that is to say there is no skin texture - just a 3D blank white representation of the model). Also, I'm frequently getting the error message in the attached screenshot.

AIFP error.png
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Still works for me.

Perhaps you could tell me a little about your system and zip up an aircraft that shows all white (I'll only need one set of textures.)
Sure. I've included an AIGAIM_FAIB_A318-100_CFM A318 livery below. Something to note - the very first livery I select when first starting AIFP shows up normally. Every subsequent selection is a white model. Let me know what system specs you need. I've got to run for a bit but can get back to you later tonight.


  • AIFP Test Livery.zip
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zip up an aircraft that shows all white (I'll only need one set of textures.)
I was asking for the whole aircraft folder less all but one texture - not just a single texture.

PS: What version of FS are you running?
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Sorry - does this work?
Yes. And I can confirm that I also get a blank white display of this model.

I'll have to liaise with Arno on this one. AIFP is simply a source of data; the MCX .dlls do all the work.


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I have just posted General Release Please give it a try.

Turns out the problem had nothing to do with the particular aircraft. It was just that the Viewer was left in an "unsanitary" condition following the first view of a model after starting AIFP. As a consequence, subsequent views showed a solid white aircraft.

I'm still not entirely happy with the Viewer. But, for the moment, it seems to be serviceable.
Hi there,

It seems to be working as expected on my end. If anything else comes up, I'll let you know. Thanks a bunch for your service to the flight sim community!