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FSX Aircrafts no Land only FP's with AIFP

Hello of all,

in the last time when i build a Flightplan like this :

airports :
LGIR,N35* 20.38330',E25* 10.81670',115
LGRP,N36* 24.32510',E28* 05.17150',16
LGSR,N36* 23.95000',E25* 28.75000',89
UUEE,N55* 58.30000',E37* 24.80000',630
aircraft :
C#1,477,"FAIB Airbus A319 Rossiya Airlines VQ-BAS"

the Aircraft can't landing. From 36000ft to 18000 ft the aircraft falling down very fast.
It stopped 5 miles before my Airport LGIR ( Aerosoft, not Stockairport ) and speedbrakes and landing gear now down. The Aircraft fly over the airport / Runway and after this its started to climb up to 50.000ft.
On other Airports its ok. The other aircrafts from other Airlines ( WOAI ) all ok. Only the Flightplans they i have build by myself with AIFP (newest Version ) have this Problem.
Big sorry for my english, it was not better in Future, when you cannot understand i am not angry of you,
maybe you can laughing of this :D .
Thanks a lot .....


Resource contributor
There are at least two possibilities:

1. This particular flight loads the plane quite close to the airport, while other flights (other planes) load them farther out. This gives them time to get down before arriving at the airport.

2. This particular plane has a problem descending that fast, and the flight dynamics would need to be changed to make this happen (I do not know how to do this, or if it is even possible).


Resource contributor
This is a known problem with airports in valleys.

I would note that your flight plan specifies leg altitude as 63,000 ft (not 36,000)

While, as Tom suggest, changing flight dynamics might help, you may not want to do that for any aircraft you may wish to land at that airport. Does the aircraft land if you change the flight plan to VFR? Since this is an IFR flight plan, adjusting the approach parameters may provide a more general solution.

at first thank you Tom, and Don,

1. The model FAIB A319 CFM is okay, the same aircraft with other textures ( Rossiya ) landing normal.
2. the same Model with texture ( Siberian ) has the same Problem that i said yesterday, if the aircraft has to land.
The Problem is only to see, when one of this airplanes come into the Airport Range as second.
Both Aircraft has the same Flightplan from ULLI to LGIR at start 06:00 to 09:40 and the second Aircraft 06:15 to 09:55.
I used your basic data in your first post; put it into AIFP and changed to one of my standard AI A321 aircraft. Compiled and loaded into my FSXA.

When the A321 approaches LGIR, at about 16000ft the landing wheels dropped and some strange movements started to happen. But it did manage to get onto an acceptable approach path to runway 09 and landed OK. I did notice that another AI aircraft which was approaching 09 and landing ahead of me, managed to fly/crash 'through' lots of the wooded hills before getting onto the approach path.
When I moved to LGSR and watched my A321 approach this airport, the approach (over the sea in this case) was as smooth as you can get, with a good landing.

I have always assumed that the strange behaviour of some aircraft when approaching some airports is down to there being poorly written approaches in the airport AFCAD file but, as I have not yet managed to get my head around creating or even checking approaches, I cannot comment any further. It would be interesting if anyone with 'Approach' savvy could look at the LGIR approach in the default FSX airport and see if it could be improved.
thanks raymk too,

yes,it was my fault to have not more Parkingspots for Aircrafts A320 and A319 . So the first Step is done, because i have build 3 parkings more in LGIR with ADE.
Unfortunately, some Aircrafts make the same Procedure as you says, also on RWY 27 !
Shure, i believe the VOR IRA 108.80 is not really at this Point of AF2.