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MSFS Airport Essen-Muelheim (EDLE) released

Hi Tangerine!

This is the same layout as seen in the P3D version. The ground layout was drawn in 3dsm (line tool), not with Blender.

I suspect you used multiple layers of polys for the different type of textures?.
First time trying to do it this way...not sure how aircrafts will not pass thought the textures when taxing.

Regarding performance:

Are you using PBR for all the textures?? If so how are you handling hand painting the windows/doors and getting them as PBR?
Substance Painter for PBR? or just a simple Texture Sheet made in Photoshop from your buildings UV layout?.

(Sorry for all the questions)
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Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Yes, there are 3 layers: Asphalt, White and Yellow Markings. Each material (texture) has a different draw order (priority). And yes, real photos are used that are specially processed to achieve PBR-specific effects. I don't work with Substance painter, that's done with Photoshop.
Yes, there are 3 layers: Asphalt, White and Yellow Markings. Each material (texture) has a different draw order (priority). And yes, real photos are used that are specially processed to achieve PBR-specific effects. I don't work with Substance painter, that's done with Photoshop.

About the draw order how do you manage it?.
I have two ground polys.
Main Asphalt and Border.
Even tho if i specify the Main Asphalt to be 0 and Border to be 1. Still get Zfighting.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
About the draw order how do you manage it?.

This can be set directly in 3dsm in the material settings:


Another possibility is to export all layers individually and then set the priority directly in the Scenery Editor in the MFS.

Still get Zfighting.
Then "Projected Mesh" could be your solution.
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Resource contributor
Nice scenery.

Could you share the asphalt texture guid or name that you are using. I'm trying to find that dark asplhalt.


Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Could you share the asphalt texture guid or name that you are using. I'm trying to find that dark asplhalt.
The texture with this GUID is used for the Apron surface:

<Apron surface="{85D02B2B-08A1-452E-AB07-6D5AE7F52884}" drawSurface="TRUE" drawDetail="TRUE" localUV="FALSE" stretchUV="FALSE" priority="0" tiling="0.000000" heading="0.000000" falloff="0.000000" opacity="0" groundMerging="TRUE" excludeVegetationAround="TRUE" excludeVegetationInside="TRUE" isRectangle="FALSE">

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hello and good morning!

The next hurdle was also mastered with flying colors: the Lande-T wind direction indicators and tower signs at the airport work! However, this topic, the wind-controlled objects, was not that easy to crack. In order to get such a clean result, one must be very, very careful with the corresponding parameters, which are of immense importance for such a calculation. The summary of what is possible in the MFS if you want to control objects via variables.

- Season controlled objects
- Time of day controlled animated people
- Weather dependent objects
- Dynamic windsock
- Working analog clock

Topic: Local time:

Topic: Time of day controlled objects:

Topic: Season controlled objects:

Topic: Wind controlled objects:

Perfect! If I were a smoker, I would now stick a cigar down my throat :)
Hi Christian,

Great to see EDLE back in the simulator. I created the Metropole Ruhr 2020 scenery at flightsim.to. And we e-mailed a few years ago being both FS veterans. ;) If you need the latest version of my scenery for compatibility testing drop me a line at martin@reiffer.de

hello Christian,
I am following your work in silence and I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent job, well done.
everything is done with great care and I am sure that in the end the work will be of high quality.
I am also creating my first airport thanks to what I am learning here, even if I am still at a lower level of knowledge.
and also I would like to make an object that indicates the RW in use, as you did, but I don't know where to start (maybe simconnect?)


please, can you give me some initial indications to start studying how to do this?

thanks in advance and congratulations again on your great work! ;)

Maybe I can help here. I don't now exactly how Christian has done it, but I know that you can realize this using a SimObject. In particular, you can define animations that depend on certain sim variables (e.g., the wind direction). That can be used to set the position in the animation dependent on the value (e.g. to turn a flag into the wind). But you can also make a certain animation appear dependent on a threshold.

Have a look at the discussion about flags in order to learn how SimObjects are defined and how to react on wind speed and direction: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/flag-waving-in-the-wind-direction.449666/
The corresponding SDK documentation is not that bad as well.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Before the actual beta test, there will be a groundbreaking innovation at Bahrometrix Living People ...


These are animated skin/mesh objects that appear in rainy weather and at the moment we are feverishly working on a clever solution! :wizard:

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hello dear developer community!

The first Bahrometrix scenery for the Microsoft Flightsimulator (MSFS) is available for download as of today :)

As usual, the download can be accessed without prior compulsory registration, you do not have to register to access the download. The installation takes place via an installer, the manual can be viewed in advance.

Download: Airport Essen/Mülheim (EDLE)

Until recently we had been working on innovations and further improvements, and the signal station was then equipped with 3-D models. The symbols of the square were previously only blurred on the aerial photograph. And the windsock has now also been created entirely according to MFSF SDK specifications and it has been programmed in such a way that it fades three previously defined animations in such a way that the wind vane is oriented differently depending on the wind strength. Among other things, the grass runway has been supplemented with new double roof turrets and additional runway markings.

A novelty are animated people - the Bahrometrix Living People - who are linked to conditions. This has never been seen anywhere in an MSFS scenario and it is probably unique worldwide. These people can be seen at different times of the day and depending on the weather. Exact details can be found in the manual. Just take a look, it’s definitely worth it :)

  • Full-fledged PBR add-on
  • Contains all buildings and objects in the airport
  • Color matched 30cm orthophoto
  • Atmospheric evening/night lighting
  • Bahrometrix Living People
  • Sightseeing flight of the WDL Blimp
  • Landmarks Mintarder Bridge & Fulerum Water Tower
    and much more …

Special features
  • Functional analog clock on the tower shows the local time
  • Animated people controlled by weather and time of day
  • Animated windsock, reacts to wind strength and wind direction
  • Dynamic wind objects such as signs on the tower and Lande-T
  • Season-controlled objects like hay bales and umbrellas etc …

Orthophotos: © State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Preview pictures …