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Altitude Errors

I'm not sure if you can help me with this or not, but I am running your version 1.4 I've made a flight plan and the flights didn't show up unless compiled as FS9, which of course tells me that I have some FS9 bgls in my FSX folder. It turns out that Ultimate Traffic X (note the X) is compiling a very, very large FS9 bgl.

I've tried to convert this a couple of times, but even after manually correcting all the 'altitude' warnings in the message.txt file, your program will not recompile my Ultimate Traffic flight plans as an FSX bgl. I get an error that states there is an invalid altitude (0) (I believe this is the wording, I don't have the patience to try compiling again - it takes several minutes to save the flight plan file.)

As it stands, I either lose all my Ultimate Traffic traffic, or I must compile all my ai packages as FS9, it seems.

Any ideas?



Resource contributor
I do not have Ultimate Traffic (X or not), so I'm unable to test the file. If you can compress the file to less than 10mb (my e-mail attachment limit) and send it to me, I'll take a look. (I appreciate that, technically, this would be a breach of the license agreement but, under the circumstances I'm sure it would be tolerated. I have no other interest in Ultimate Traffic - I already own My Traffic X - and would destroy the file after testing.)

Alternately, if you would load it once more (Open bgl, not convert) and send me one or more (as necessary) screenshots of the offending flightplan(s) expanded in the leg editor (either leg or text), that may be enough.

Finally, I'm just putting "the finishing touches" on a new version of AI Flight Planner. It doesn't do a great deal more than 1.4, but what it does it does a lot "leaner" and faster. It's been undergoing beta testing for a couple of weeks. I expect to release it for an open beta in a day or two. The new version will allow you to save/compile/convert with certain errors, including altitude errors.

I found this post on the UT forums and it worked. Apparently for some reason, altitudes are either entered or converted to 0.

I gave this solution some months ago:

I searched "0,F" in flightplans.txt with Wordpad and replaced all of them with "280,F".

You have to mark Match whole word only to find "0,F".

Good Luck



Resource contributor
I hope there are no C-172's in the Aircraft file. ;)

I am concerned, however, that you claim to have fixed all the offending flight plans and the file still wouldn't compile. That being said, I encountered a number of "fringe" errors in 1.4 while developing the new version which have been fixed. When I release the new version to open beta, I'd appreciate it if you'd try again. The new version should cope with the such errors (on the basis of "if it worked in FS9 even though the AI may not have performed as intended, it will probably also work in FSX) - but will report the errors anyway.

Glad the difficulty has been solved for now.

I don't recall what the errors in the message.txt file said, but the error in every case wound up being an altitude in the UT flight plan that was over 100,000' such as 1004. There were several that I fixed. Looks like errors on the high end were caught by your compiler, but the 0's weren't I'll be glad to try the next version. I think there were only 3 or 4 of the offending '0' that I changed to 280, so hopefully these aircraft are carrying oxygen or parachutes.


Resource contributor
AIFP tags any altitude of FL1000 or higher as unrealstic. However, in the forthcoming release, it won't stop you from saving/compiling the file.