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Anyone know if the MSFS Steam version can be installed on the same PC with MS Store without conflicts?

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I can spend the $60 to find out, but thought I'd ping here first.

Cheers, Rob.
Hi Rob:

Which version do you already have installed ? :scratchch

AFAIK, one can just use the $ 1.00 USD Game Pass for MS-Store on a Montly basis rather than spending on a basic version of MSFS-2020. :idea:


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I have the MS Store version (the Pro version) installed on two computers ... another PC is dedicated to other tasks and I need to check file pathing differences in the Steam version and test some other functionality out ... I think I might be able to use my Laptop as it meets min spec. My primary concern was not so much the cost but any potential conflicts with having both MS Store and Steam version installed on one PC?

Cheers, Rob.
Rob, do I understand correctly that you bought the standalone version from the MS Store only once but installed it on two different PCs? I didn't even know that was possible. So I just need to login to my MS store account on the second computer and download it again there? I'm asking because I'd like to do some scenery development on my laptop not on my sim PC because the latter one is residing in our attic and part of a home cockpit setup which makes it uncomfortable to do development there.

Cheers, Fabian

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Follow the white rabbit:
MS Store Terms of Sale
add SALT
Standard Application License Terms
and more rules
Usage Rules for Digital Goods

If there are more "terms" let me know ... there are some conflicts that Microsoft probably should address specifically around SDK and commercial use ... and the usual "Not Sold, but licensed" (aka we don't own it).

I haven't tried to operate both MS Store instances at the same time on two different computers but my hunch based on the above is that shouldn't be a problem under "HOME" conditions ... how else would we test out multiplayer for our add-on content that leverages the feature?

I'll probably end up buying a Steam version also for my laptop ... I don't know the Steam terms and how they operate with or beyond MS terms. Other Steam games I've used in the past operate independently, some are single instance some allow multi-instances on the same local network.

Cheers, Rob.