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ASM file ? where is it from


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You need to make sure that you tell MakeMDL to keep the ASM files for you. In this Wiki article some ways to do that are described.
Simple and probably stupid question
How do I export animations to asm file so it will work with cat? I ve got "export animations" checked in my gmax mdl exporter but it doesnt eport any anims.

thanks for help
how to do it for FSX? the gamepack for fsx is completely different and there is no makemdl.exe file.

The FSX gamepack does not support the creation of conditional animations. The CAT tool can thus only be used with the FS2004 gamepack.

No, at the moment it seems the FSX MDL format does not allow conditional animations for scenery objects. It seems only possible within mission.
Ok Arno I have the same type of question, how do I get an .ASM file from FSDSv3.5.1? I have generated a model and found that the files "_temp.asm" and "_temp_0.asm" were created. However when I attempt to open either file in CAT I get a Runtime 53 error and the program shuts down.

The FSDS program menu options only show

1) "Export .X File"
2) "Export XML Scenery Header"
3) "Export as XML"

Are any of these going to help me or must it be the ASM file? If it can only be the ASM file can you tell me how to generate an ASM file in FSDS?

Those _temp.asm and _temp_0.asm you mention are the files you are looking for. But you should only open the one without the _0 in the name with CAT. It should automatically open the other one afterwards.

If that still crashes the tool, please send me a copy of the files, so that I can try to see if there is a bug somewhere.
I appreciate the reply Arno. When attempting to load the file I get Runtime error 53 and and the program quits. This happens even if I have not made any variables of changes.

Here's the file but I think perhaps the only bugs are in my head?:confused:


  • Test.asm
    1.1 KB · Views: 680

That file does not contain so much information, the interesting stuff is in the _0.asm file, not in this one. Could you also attach that file?
Sorry about that Arno, I can't read what's in them so I don't know what is useful to you. Here are both files.


  • _temp.asm
    1.1 KB · Views: 692
  • _temp_0.asm
    117.5 KB · Views: 533

My first guess is that the underscore at the beginning of the filename is causing CAT to crash, but I will have to test that. I will report back later.
Hi again Arno, I got a notice of a private message for this forum but when I click the link there is nothing there. did I miss an answer?
Hi again Arno, I got a notice of a private message for this forum but when I click the link there is nothing there. did I miss an answer?

Probably not. Yesterday there was some PM-spam I deleted, so the email was probably about that.
Hi Arno, I know you have some other things going but I just wanted to check in and see if you had been able to look at the animation file?
Nope not yet, just (sort of) up and running again after moving.