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ATC SID/STAR Arrivals and Departures Proceedures and more

Being able to input data for SID/STAR arrivals and departures.

For AI to use these, for ATC to use these...

Other thoughts include commands:

1. to perform an orbit
2. to have stacked airways and holding patterns
3. to have AI aircraft follow airways rather than direct GPS
SIDs + STARs + more

Some kind of SIDs/STARs is already in FS named transition (?!) but as much as I tried to make it work as in real life, I gave up. So please MS, change that terminlogoy from transition to SIDs/STARs as known in real world and make ATC to use it. All SIDs and STARs should be freely named (not that all transitions are more or less equally named - for LJLJ for example).

And one really important thing when flying offline. Have You heard for standard pressure and that in Eurpe we use milibars not inHg? Everytime I fly offline, the ATC gives me pressure even I am on FL200 and TL is FL60...

And another thing. Let the ATC notify me of the aircraft if we are on collision course and not if some aircraft is flying below or abowe some thousand feet. Usually I don't see "the traffic at 6 o'clock"... Argh!