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Autogyro Prop and Rotor Question

I will preface my question by saying that apparently what I'm trying to do is impossible (but I want to give it a shot at least).
I found an FS2002 model of the Wa-116 Autogryo "Little Nellie" (modeled by DaveWG 20 years ago) that was used in the Bond flick "You only live twice". It actually flies perfectly as is in FSX with all the animations working correctly. The only drawback was that the pilot model is visible in the VC and so vision to either side was obscured. I decided to try to convert it to FSX, which I did. I then edited out the pilot using the heirarchy in MCX and saved the resulting model as "interior" to complete the FSX version.

The only resulting problem is that both the prop and rotor animations have gone wonky. They turn but it's very jerky. Obviously the simple conversion I did left something to be desired but I don't know where to look to see if it's fixable. Any suggestion other than . . ."it's not possible"? lol
Is that crickets I hear? In Lieu of any feedback I have decided to become a masochist and dive into Blender to possibly salvage this neat little autogyro. I converted the mdl to dae format and imported that into Blender. From this point on I'm guessing that sometime before my 80th birthday (I'm 76 now) I might have figured out how to get started, lol.
You need to animate the prop and rotors using the FSX method. Earlier versions of FS did it in a way that will not work in FSX. If you cannot find a FSX SDK, use a P3D one, it uses the same animation method as FSX.
My Commander 685 for FS9 was ported to FSX/P3D using MCX. Some of the animations were tagged with the "old" system, such as rudder. It had no keyframes, just a pivot axis and name.
I never had to reanimate those. The props were animated, so perhaps this was the reason that it worked as described in the tutorial.

I assume that it's the hierarchy tree where I would do all this? I went through that initially and the only setting for both the prop and the rotor was "still", no mention of slow or blurred. Would those need to be added for those parts?
I have sent you a document describing the process. I don't know if it will work for your model, but load it into MCX with the suggested conditions and see if you have any slow and blur props in the model.
My thanks to those who offered information on how to proceed, huge help in getting past the wall I had put up assuming it was going to be too much for this old brain. Rotorhub, the document was relatively easy to follow and once the steps to locate each part of the prop/rotor were understood it went fairly smooth. I have tested it and I will have to go back and check the "slow" settings for both as I have a nice blur and still but no slow.. Now, once the slow setting is corrected I'll work the VC. Since this is an open cockpit with almost unlimited view to 360 degrees, there's not much I need to eliminate of the external model. . . .most likely only directly aft. I'll play with it and see.

Again, thanks to everyone for your suggestions. While I have succeeded in converting this small machine to Native FSX, I don't want to get overly secure in assuming I can tackle the more detailed aircraft I'd like to see converted just as easily. . .but it is a start. Thank you all.
It seems like your brain is working perfectly fine😃 Good luck and remember it can be addictive. This might not be your last. MCX is a powerful tool. Regards Rotorhub