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Best way to import thumbs in LOM?

For some inexplicable reason, all the thumbs I laboriously imported one at a time from MCX into my LOM, have disappeared. o_O

Is there any efficient way to batch import these into the LOM?

You can copy and paste folders containing thumbnails into your drive letter:\msfs\fs design tools\ADE version\simulator version\thumbs\your folder. You can create thumbnails for all the objects in a library object.bgl using MCX. Then just copy that one folder into the correct ADE Thumbs folder. That's how I do it. ADE will do the rest.

Thanks Ed. As I said, I had been converting via MCX one object at a time and selecting and putting that object into the LOM one at a time.

Excuse me for being thick but ... can you be a little more specific? Is that a "batch convert" function? Do I use a "Wizard"?
To answer your questions no and no. Just load the library object bgl into MCX and click on Save Preview Image button. Click on all objects scenery box at the top, select any other options that you want and then click the generate button.

This worked great Ed at creating a folder with all the thumbs of a specific scenery .bgl. I then named the thumb folder to match the scenery.bgl and dragged it to the correct ADE 175 thumbs folder.

Now when I opened the LOM I expected all the thumbs to be automatically visible, but I had to use the "find thumbnail" button and insert them one by one. Am I doing some wrong is is this just the way the feature is supposed to work?
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Before you go through the objects one by one try deleting the object library from LOM and re-adding it after you have the thumbs folder in ADE. I've been using ADE 1.79 for some time now and I've never had to add the thumb nails one by one.