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P3D v4 buildings won't go away

A friend of mine bought VFR. I guess it has nice scenery, but it has many of its buildings in the area we have our own things. This is an airfield which no longer exists since WW II. Ergo- VFR thinks there are no fields here so it puts its buildings there.

We have tried all sorts of excludes which have not worked. We cannot get rid of those buildings. Is there a trick to do so? Bob
Hi Bob:

Is this the add-on scenery you are referring to ? :scratchch

If so, it reportedly uses Autogen buildings, so one would be able to exclude such buildings with a CVX vector polygon set to exclude autogen buildings.

ADE and SBuilderX can make such CVX vector exclude polygons (not to be confused with BGLComp Exclusion Rectangles set to "Exclude All")

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Hi Bob:

Assuming I was correct as to the add-on under discussion here (since you did not acknowledge whether I had I.D.'d the product correctly), you may wish to consider the critical reviews in this web page:

"Scenery Manager utility" raises questions as to whether this add-on keeps inserting itself at the top of the stack of Area layers in Scenery Library GUI. :alert:

This may be comparable to the problems incurred with OrbX FTX Central (...unless one creates an "Insertion Point").

If you create a CVX vector polygon to exclude autogen buildings, it must be placed in an Area layer above the Area layer of any scenery to be excluded. :pushpin:

Thus, you must check what the Just Flight "Scenery Manager utility" is doing with your friend's Scenery.Cfg file.

That would assume it is simply using direct edits to that file, and not also mangling it via a dysfunctional P3D "Add-on XML From Hell" routine. ;)

PS: I may be mistaken, but I suspect the autogen portion of this add-on may use a new version of this previously released add-on package: :scratchch

Perhaps you might find this info useful in troubleshooting how the VFR add-on works ? :idea:

Regarding possible issues with 'problematic' autogen content management XML utility functions, see references to RevolutionX author Jeff Pollard here:




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Gary- So I made my exclude autogen cvx but it just might have worked if I had plced it above my friend's scenery? ............... (would I then activate it? ergo in scenery list in P3D my friend's ..... 5 filename... my cvx 4 ?
Gary- So I made my exclude autogen cvx but it just might have worked if I had placed it above my friend's scenery?

............... (would I then activate it? ergo in scenery list in P3D my friend's ..... 5 filename... my cvx 4 ?

Hi Bob:



1.) In FSX / P3D, create a top folder with a nested \Scenery sub-folder

2.) Put your CVX vector autogen exclusion polygon BGL into that \Scenery sub-folder

3.) In Scenery Library, create a new Area layer

4.) Link that new Area layer to the folder chain containing your CVX vector autogen exclusion polygon BGL

5.) Be certain that your new Area layer is positioned at the top of the Scenery Library GUI stack of layers (...or somewhere above all 'VFR' Area layers)

6.) Save those changes to Scenery Library, and exit back into FSX / P3D

(IIRC, FSX / P3D should re-index and dynamically load the excludes without re-starting).

Let me know how this worked for you. :)

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Sorry for the late reply. Our mutual friend took care of this. it looks like he merely did a photoreal. I didn't know a photoreal could do this. UNLESS, he somehow added some bgl with the photoreal, or jsut did something like you described here.