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FSX:SE Bulk Flightplan edit

G'day Don

I am wondering is there a way to delete all flightplans from the flightplan list that are for a particular region using the AP ID and a wildcard. I have duplicate GA traffic as I am using two traffic files and I want to delete only the Australian traffic visiting any Y*** airport from one of the flightplan.BGL files, thus leaving all the other nations traffic intact. Aiming for an Australian GA traffic file and an other nations traffic file.


If I had this problem, I would open the flightplans.txt file in Excel where I could 'sort' the schedules by the airport names and delete any containing Y***. There may be text editors that could manipulate the same file in a similar way but I do not have any of these.


Resource contributor
Nothing to do that directly. But, I'm not sure FP deletion is what you want, since any given flight plan that incudes an Australian airport may also include destinations to other countries. That being said, you might be able to accomplish the task with Flight Plans/Subset and a little imagination. Also, if there's not too many "Y" airports in the flight plans, you could use Fight Plans/Find/Replace to identify each specific airport and the do as you wish those FPs.
Hi Don,

The subset option was the best. I am only manipulating GA files not International carriers so this has worked well.