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CAT 0.93ß floating point trouble...

I know You are unhappy with the title... Yes, CAT has also floating point syndrome. In Slovenia as in rest of former Yugoslavia, we use decimal comma instead of decimal point and so CAT is having trouble in this part of the world.

Best regards,
Hi Goran,

Where do you encounter this problem? Does it happen in the animation tables?

Funny that you are the first to notice this, I guess it is because most people have set it to dot so GMax works (or is that solved in the new gamepack?).

EDIT: Can you post your ASM file with the problem here? Then I can see where it goes wrong.
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I have created simple test. I made a simple hangar from 4 boxes (2 boxes subtract, resulting box + 2 boxes union) and 2 boxes as sliding doors. Then I made simple animation (with many thanks to Nick's video tutorial - bis bis :) ) so the doors are continously sliding to each side.
After this I tried CAT and I put only animation trigger inside for NAV1 (1200h - 1200h) and then at the end I clicked the MDL Create button and a lot of errors came up.
I quickly checked the code and there were some floating point values represented with comma instead of point... So I changed locale settings for decimal separator, tested again and it worked.
Soooo... if You need my test project, I can send You later in the evening, no problem.

Best regards,
Yes, please send me the tweaked ASM files. Then I can use these to check all the places in the source code I must correct.