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FS2004 Compile a file = time table change-- why?


My questions pertain to the following AI airline, the data which I share in case you want to reference my question with the background information:

AI Maker: WOAI
File: 'woa_airastana_v2.zip'
Airline: Air Astana
Principal Country of Operation: Kazakhstan

I downloaded and installed this file for the AI aircraft. Upon opening AIFP I see it is comprised of 6 aircraft numbered from 1000 to 1006 in the right hand column. I got a green check mark which seemed to indicate that all planes were functional. However, when I went to the time and day of the week that plane #1006 was supposed to appear on the tarmac of a given airport (according to the time table for that airport) it was no where to be seen.

I tried several other airports... different times, and it still didn't appear. So just for kicks I decided to try a compile of the .bgl (even though I had made no actual edits or changes)-- just to see what it would do.

I reopened the simulator with the file resaved from the compile (with a new date and timestamp for the file in the scenery/world/scenery folder), and for whatever reason aircraft #1006 was now appearing! I don't know what the recompile did to fix it, or what was wrong in the first place, but I guess I'm not complaining. But for curiosity sake, what do you think might have been wrong with the file in the first place, that had prevented that plane from appearing? Even though this may seem like an isolated case, it could prove valuable to know the reason, since if it happened with one, chances are it could happen with others.

Now my second question is more a spin off as a result of having re-compiled the file I just described above. As I've screen-shotted below, notice that after recompiling, it changed the departure times of the given airport (UASK), even though I purposely unchecked the box that said "Sequence Flight Plans for Best AI Performance". Flights that were set to leave on multiple days at the same time, are now broken up into new times a minute apart, with some of the days getting the one time, and the remaining days getting the other. It appears to have mainly altered the Departures side. The Arrivals side had one 13:59 get converted to a 14:00, but other than that, it remained by and large identical after the re-compile.


Why do you think this happened? My original goal was to compile the file to make the missing aircraft appear, but to do so without disturbing any other aspect of the file that the author may have "intended". And if he intended the planes to take off on a certain number of days at an exact time, I don't wish to disturb the integrity of the author's original intent. Maybe that's how it really is... and AIFP is trying to round them up or down to the nearest zero minute... but why?

Please note as an aside... I manually reversed the Reg numbers myself (swapped the P4-PAS's with the P4-VAS's)... because the opposite plane textures with the wrong numbers were showing up at the corresponding times. But I did this AFTER the initial compile that altered the time table times/dates. So my point is, changing the reg-numbers manually in the flight plans has nothing to do with the question I asked above.

Finally, I'm not implying that this has anything to do with the update from AIFP v2 to v3. It was doing this last week even before I updated to v3-- I just hadn't gotten around to posting this question until today. Also, I doubt very much that this occurence with the timetable variations has anything to do specifically with WOAI or their Air Astana file specifically, but probably more of a general result of re-compiling files, apparently whether I've made other edits to them or not.

Thanks for your insight. I'm fascinated and amazed by how this program and AI work, but am still trying to wrap my brain around some of this.

-- John
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Your first problem could be due to a number of things. Without access to your system and its history, I can't hazard a guess as to what went wrong. But, it's now working.

The user manual explains that (and why) times may differ by a minute or two, especially with FS9, due to the lack of precision with which the time is held in the traffic file.

Ok, so from what you're saying I'm getting the impression that times floating back or forward a minute or two are not all that unusual. I will check the manual to see where this issue might be discussed in greater detail.

Got it and thank you for your time.