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Compile not compiling

I am using AIFP with P3D v.4.5 and trying to convert my TTools Flight Plans to work in P3D.

I open AIFP with one of my existing TTools FPs and, as I expect, it shows that all the aircraft in Aircraft List are in Red and not found.

My next step is to substitute aircraft for those no longer available and this appears to be successful, so I hit 'Compile' and it tells me that compiling was satisfactory.

But when I open P3D, there is no sign of the Flight Plan I have edited.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Possibly stupid question, but if your flight plan validates and is without issues, to which folder goes your traffic bgl file? Prepar3D\Scenery\world\scenery, or specific folder?
If not into Prepar3D\Scenery\world\scenery, then this is the place where you can copy/paste the traffic bgl, if not, you can also arrange P3D to look to the folder where you are sending your compiled traffic bgl's, adding appropriate lines into the scenery.cfg for instance.
Thanks for your help Philippe & Tom,

My Flight Plan compiles to ...\Scenery\World\Scenery, so that's not the problem.

However, there is a Validation Report that lists quite a lot of 'Errors/Observations'. But I'm not sure how to correct them from inside AIFP.

I have printed out the Validation Report and what I am trying is:-

1. Starting with the first entry of the VR, go to the Flight Plan List and double-click on the FP (in this case, #(8));
2. The Flight Plan Editor opens;
3. Click on the faulty Leg, which departs too soon after the previous leg arrives;
4. Correct the timing faults by referring to 'Duration' and 'ETA';
5. Click on 'Save Edits';
6. Click on 'Update FP in List';
7. Repeat with the next VR entry, and so on...

Is this the right way to do it? Or is there an easier way?



Resource contributor
Mark, there's a troubleshooting guide at the end of the AIFP user manual. As for the warnings, if they are all of the nature of "flight departs too early", they are not the source of your problem.

Since you are converting FS9 files into FSX format and we know the destination folder is OK, I suggest you next verify that you don't have any FS9 traffic files within the purview of FSX/P3D. A single FS9 traffic file will suppress the display of all FSX traffic. Move all traffic file except the converted one out of the S/W/S folder and check again. If your traffic appears, one of the moved files is FS9-format.



Resource contributor
There is a tool in AIFP that will search for FS9 format files. Bulk Traffic/Find FS9 Traffic Files

Make sure you include your entire Addon Scenery folder(s) to catch any in add on sceneries.
Thanks Don & Tom,

I ran Bulk Traffic/Find FS9 Traffic Files on my complete C: drive and it discovered literally dozens of FS9 files, which it dealt with.

AIFP is an amazingly intricate and comprehensive program! It would take me more time than is available to me to discover all its potential. Just an example is the list of actions beneath any of the top menu items. Astounding!

Now to see if my AI Traffic appears in P3D 4.5...

Thanks again for your help.