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Converting FS9 models to FSX using MCX

I wish there was a huge manual somewhere that explains everything about FSX. The syntax of config files, the air files, the mdl files, the whole thing...but everything I've learned so far has been piecemeal...from websites like flilghtsim, avsim, flyawaysimulation, etc., Youtube, forums such as this one, from comments that developers make on their add-on packages and so forth. As I've started delving into the wondrous world of AI, I've found a new obsession. I absolutely love it and I want to know more. One thing I've learned is the incompatibility between FS9 and FSX. Some of the AI aircraft I want to use are FS9, which won't work in FSX AI traffic. The I stumbled upon MCX, which, as wonderful as it is, is way over my head. I've managed to find a video here, a tutorial there, but again, it's all piecemeal.

Is there anything that this forum can suggest to point me in the right direction where everything I need to know, no matter how much,, can be found in one location in one fell swoop?

I've peered into the MCX manual, but again, it tells me what to tweak, but not why or how much. Any thoughts or advice?

Mark (mwdmaestro@hotmail.com)
Thanks for the plug. :)

You're more than welcome Tom. I've used your guide many, many times. I'm even using it right now to convert a FS9 WW2 a/c for FSX for AI (own use). I'm sure Mark will find it useful.
some time ago I wrote a draft manual on converting FS9 AI to FSX.
A lot of the instructions (especially around animations) have been superceded by features that Arno has added into MCX but if you are interested it is available over at AIG

That, in conjunction with Toms excellent guide should get you started.

Thank you ALL! This is all new for me, and everything I've learned is through excellent forums such as these!
Is there a tutorial available when converting a aircraft from fs2004 to p3d to create/add PBR textures, dynamic lighting and possibly VC rain effects (true glass) to the converted aircraft