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I've been reading and searching lots of contents lately but I can't find a lead so I ask here if it's ok please.
Can we create a paintkit for a FS2004 model using ModelConverterX?
If yes, is there more about it like a tutorial video or experienced users who have good knowledge or text guides, anything.
I really would like a paintkit for a specific aircraft that I've been trying to paint for years.
I'm not looking for a perfect kit, just need some important effects to be applied when painting.

Please and thank you.
No, at the moment MCX does not support making a paint kit. It has been suggested before that I would be nice to export a texture showing the part layout to base a new livery on, but I never implemented that.
Then how can we make paint kits for AI models for either FS2004 or FSX? Many tell me we can make our own paint kits but unfortunately I have no knowledge on this. I really thought they used MCX as it widely regarded in almost every flight sim project.
While I have never painted an aircraft model or made a paint kit for one I think that a graphic image editor such as Photoshop or Gimp would be a much better tool to use to create a paint kit.

Well I need the wireframe, the shading/shadow layer and other main attribute layers that you could use to apply or not when painting. That's what I'm looking for. In order to do that, we need to load the 3D model to then do what is needed to have all these useful features.
I tried to open MCX 1.6 and this is what I got.

You are missing the MS Visual C++ files. Hopefully you clicked on "Yes".
I'm so sorry, I haven't seen the sticky topic from Arno, now I got it running.
What I would like to do now is how to export a wavefront OBJ format of a model. Is there a step by step guide?
It's as simple as pressing export object after you loaded it and select the wavefront obj format. Depending on the tool you want to load it into you might have to export the textures to a different format as well.
Thanks Arno, but what do you mean depending on the tool I want to load it into and the textures.
The model is already set and has a texture assigned to it, I just need the model in obj so I can make wireframe and shading layer for when painting.
Wireframe isn't the proper term for what you are wanting to do. It is the UV layout you are wanting to paint to.
Well as far as that goes, I've composed several dozens of repaints, using nothing more than Photoshop and the MCX render to check my work. MCX refreshes instantly and it accepts layered, Photoshop native "master files" .psd format, so there's no need to compose and reformat our working drafts, just to see results. Granted, it is a bit tedious pawing through the texture files, but even there Arno helps repainters with a highlight checkbox, so we can see exactly where each individual texture lays onto the model. I mean, comparing that to the process of finding a suitable 3d program to accept some MCX conversion, just so we can have a "hull" to paint, seems like a no brainer to me. You pretty much have to bump it up into 3ds Max to be able to paint onto geometry and then render to texture, maybe Blender does similar, but at that point one might as well start fresh.
Thanks Arno, but what do you mean depending on the tool I want to load it into and the textures.
If I may, the "tool" would be the 3d software that does the work MCX cannot accomplish.
Thanks Arno, but what do you mean depending on the tool I want to load it into and the textures.
The model is already set and has a texture assigned to it, I just need the model in obj so I can make wireframe and shading layer for when painting.
I mean does the software you will read the obj file into need to render the textures as well? In that case you need to ensure it can read the files. Not all tools support all formats that FS uses, like dxt bmp. So sometimes you need to convert to a different format.
I opened the aircraft model in MCX and exported it as you said but when I open the obj file into a 3d program the aircraft has lots of random parts going in and out of the aircraft around the center body.
But by the way what is the Wavefront OBJ (old) (*.obj) what difference it has compared to the other obj?
One uses the assimp library to export and the old one is an exporter I wrote myself before. They should give similar results, but you can try the other one as well.
The regular obj seems to have parts of the wings detached from their place, first image. While the old obj looks correct I guess? Second image