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FSXA Development initial report

Downloaded this into a copy of and updated the files.

Now when I "Find/Collect Airports" I think I can now see that it is using the 'scenery.cfg' to populate the selection screen. I can confirm that it selected every airfield 'scenery' folder in my system that I know contain my new and modified airfields.

The message about finding double entries for some airfields was very useful - allowing me to eliminate over 40 locations where I had this situation. Mostly down to having Just Flight Traffic X installed where you get hundreds of modified stock airfields. I often forget to eliminate any of these when I create my own version elsewhere in my scenery setup.

So this area of seems to be on the ball as far as this function is required.


Resource contributor
Thanks Ray. This kind of report and the absence of new e-mails this morning is a welcome situation.
I also downloaded this version and now Find/Collect airports works much better. Now I understand the popup Multiple add-ons for more ICAO codes.
The version before mentioned this also but the pathes of the 'double ICAO' were allways the same. Now they differ and now I can eliminate the double locations.
Hi Don, as you can read in my answerpost above the new version is also better for me.
My special airport TUPA is in the collected list I tried to save it and the airport is in the AirportList_AddOns.dat
I tried to make a flight plan but AIFP says there are no informations for this airport.
So I tried to fill in the informations with the airport editor - no error messages now:) - I tried to save the informations, popup says the information is saved.
I closed AIFP and reloaded it. I tried the flightplan BUT the message now says (again) "TUPA" is not in the AirportList.dat... although I saved it with the airport editor.
So I can't make a flightplan for TUPA.
How can I copy the TUPA informations from the AirportList_AddOns.dat to the AirportList.dat ?:scratchch


Resource contributor
Christian, in the Airport Editor dialog there are three checkboxes labelled FS9, FSX and PV5. Did you check one or more of those - including the Target version?


Resource contributor
You said TUPA was in AirportList_Addons.dat. Please check that it's also in AirportList.dat and AirportList_Updates.dat (it should be the last item)and send me the entries from all three.
Don, I sent you the three Datfiles. The new freewareairport TUPA is not in the AirportList.dat but in the other both Datfiles


  • airport_TUPA.zip
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Resource contributor
If it's not in AitrportList.dat, the it's not accessible in a flight plan.

I see a couple of issues:
  • In the update file, the lat and lon are truncated to whole degrees (but, that's not trhe cause of your issue)
  • your addons file uses a "," as decimal separator. (this may be your problem)

I'll investigate and post an update ASAP.


Resource contributor
New development release posted. There were a couple of issues; decimal separator was one of them.

I can't be sure it's OK everywhere, but using your addons and updates file, I can use TUPA in a flight plan.
Hi Don,
I downloaded Ver and tried to make a flightplan for my TUPA.
Sorry it doesn't work.
The airport is in the Airport.Temp.dat, in the AirportList_addon_Path.dat, in the AirportList-Updates.dat but not in the AirportList.dat.
I initialed again Find/collect airports. The airport is in the collected Airports List (!) I pressed SAVE, > collected Data saved.
I closed AIFP and restarted it.
I tried Get Airport Information > no TUPA airport
I tried to make a flightplan > "TUPA is not in AirportList.dat... do you wish to enter it now?"
I tried it again with the Airport Editor> I copied the Infos manually from the ADE airport properties and pressed 'Apply Update`
message: Updated Airport Data saved.
But again the TUPA is not saved in the AirportList.dat. And so I can't make a flightplan for this TUPA

As you can see in my lists I have made hundred of flightplans in the past I am not a newbe but now I don't know what I should do:confused:


  • TUPA_FP.jpg
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would you like to post your airport BGL file here - I would try to put it into my 'scenery' and see if I can AIFP 'collect' it into the 3 files that Don says it should go into.
Thank you for testing my 'problem airport'.
Don has said, he could make a flightplan??


  • TUPA.zip
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I have updated to (Don's latest post), inserted your TUPA folder into my \Addon Scenery folder. Ran 'Find/Collect airports' in AIFP.

Your airport appears in the files "AirportList.dat" and "AirportList_Addons.dat". When I go into the "Airport Editor', I can open and view the airport details.

I can use TUPA in the Flight Plan editor to create a flight plan.

So I am afraid it seems to be OK as far as I am concerned.


In, have you changed the way the 'Find/Collect airports' works compared to I had to go to 'Directory Tree' view to select the required folders. In the 'Scenery Library' view was available to select all of the required folders.


Resource contributor
In, have you changed the way the 'Find/Collect airports' works compared to I had to go to 'Directory Tree'
No. But I was asked to, and did, change the preset from Directory Tree to Scenery Library. If its a problem for you, I can have AIFP "remember the last setting.

Ray, perchance do you have PV5. TUPA is in PV5 stock airports. As I reported last night, TUPA in works for me as well. It's possible (and I'll check") that the FP editor doesn't go far enough to find TUPA without PV5.

Christian, I'll respond to you once I've investigated.
Hi Don,
I tested and tested. Now I found something:
I deinstalled AIFP and reinstalled AIFP3.2.2.1
The working cycle now is a bit different. First it is the same Find/Collect airports > information about doubles> collect airports > save and then is a message coming. "Do you wish to update AirportList.dat"?
You press Yes and then comes the message "AirportList.dat regenerated"

And now I can choose TUPA :) :wave:
(Updates not were ever easy)


Resource contributor
AIFP3.3.nn complete changes airport handling. Since you don't have PV5, 3.3 does nothing for you. I suggest you remain with 3.2.nn until 3.3 is released generally. (When it is, the issue you were experiencing will have been resolved.)

no - I am working in good old FSXA - so I found the new, non-stock TUPA folder that Flatterman supplied earlier.

Note that I could only find the entry for TUPA in the files "AirportList.dat" and "AirportList_Addons.dat" but NOT in "AirportList_Updates.dat". This last file only contains 4 entries which seem to be lists of non-stock airports - but not ALL non-stock airports.

I did like the 'Scenery Library' way of selecting the 'Find/Collect Airports' as it was clearly based upon the current 'scenery.cfg' which makes sense to me as being the best way when you want to 'collect' all of the updated and new versions of airfields. I did have trouble getting to view the 'Scenery Library' option and had to go over to the 'Directory Tree' to get my results.

I am only using for the purposes of these tests and will be continuing to use which is good for me although the tests I made with were interesting in that it gathered so many more airfields that reside outside of the "\Addon Scenery" area. I assume that, having 'found' these extra airfields, when I use the "Traffic & Parking Analyser" function I will get results based upon the latest/modified versions of the airfields rather than being based upon the stock airfield versions?
Ray its interesting you found TUPA with FSXA. I am using also only FSXA and didn't. I tried another new airport in that region but also couldn't find this one.
But now with the old version I have no more problems. We often say 'PC the unknown thing';)
Cannot find explanation to ""using addon AP definitions"

Looking forward to version - hopefully without problems:)



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