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i made some addons with the simconnect api, only EXE addons
i saw that some people use DLLs and i just wanted to know the DLL logic in P3D and is it just for C++
how will P3D know which class to run and will he run it for ever ?
is there any way that the DLL be built in C# ?
in the SDK samples there are no DLL in C# just C++
and the logic is not really well explained
hope you help me and thnx in advance :)

Note : i'm making an Engine for P3D and i need Dlls to controll 2 things
have a good day ;)
@arno this post is in a rather obscure place. Can easily be missed. Maybe move it to the P3D forum?

I don't believe P3D addons support C# dlls. The P3D addon system is heavily built on the PDK which is C++ only.
@JB3DG i removed the DLL idea from my head since it uses C++
now i'm stuck on this :
requesting the Time of Day, i know how to request data from simconnect but the problem here that in the P3D SDK the time of day unit is an Enum
and i don't know how to store tha data i get in an enum :| hope you help
(picture attached for details )
thnx in advance
Sans titre.png
hey @JB3DG
hope i'm not gonna annoy you with my small beginner questions :)
i want for my addon to add 2 things in the sim UI
1) in the addons drop down menu : i want to add a button that when we click it we ->
get 2) a menu like the default ATC menu
and i want my addon to recive the events when any intem in the menu is created

i read all the sample in the SDk that is in C++ and i work with C#
i know that there are not many difference between the two languages but it stilll confusing to me as i don't know too much about C++
hope you help me openning and closing that menu with items and adding that button in the Add ons drop down menu

THNX in advance :)
have a nice day :)

EDIT: i found how to add items in ADD-ONS drop down menu and i know now how to catch event when i click in the drop down menu items
and i dound how make an ATC menu with items and all i need is to catch event
which item has been slected

RE-EDIT: i edited this post about 12 times today HAHA
ok so now, by my own, i found how to get the menus and to catch events.
if some needs the code i'm here :)
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