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MSFS Editing painted line type

I want to create a painted line larger than those offered in the editor. Anyone know where the source file (xml file I guess) for painted lines types is located?
It Is not possible, the Painted Lines are hard coded

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Check this post out. You have to create a material with the line you want to draw in the pixel range for a EDGE-SERVICE-DASHED type. That's the widest single line available.

Import the material in your project and apply it to that type of line in the properties menu>optional material


Post in thread 'Painted lines - taxi, edge lines, etc - can we create a custom texture sheet for custom lines?' https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/t...ure-sheet-for-custom-lines.449721/post-879301
Thanks but this is what I did with the non-movment type, which is also wide. Definitely, the result is not convincing!

When you look in Object/PaintedLine the scale is 1.00, just put 1.25 or even 1.50 for the line to be thicker!
Thank but I had already tried, without success. The painted line object is not resizable.
Thanks but this is what I did with the non-movment type, which is also wide. Definitely, the result is not convincing!
Check the surface type of the material you created. Make sure you have it set to paint or asphalt. It looks like that because it's taking the surface type of whatever is underneath
Thanks but no success.
Painted lines, just like aprons and projected mesh, are resolution limited by the resolution of the photogrammetry under. They get better by increasing the terrain LOD but that affects performance.